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Customer service is available to help with home delivery and digital access questions.
We are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday (CST), 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday (CST) and 6:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday (CST).

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Name Position Contact
Robin Archer Director of Human Resources 479-571-6404 / E-mail
Eric Gilreath Digital Audience & Technology Director 479-571-6484 / E-mail
Brian Huntley Creative Services Manager 479-571-6470 / E-mail
George Loftus Print Circulation Director 479-684-5505 / E-mail
Todd Nelson President 479-571-6405 / E-mail
Brent Powers Director of Advertising & Marketing 479-571-6449 / E-mail
Sandy Thompson Director of Finance 479-571-6432 / E-mail
Rusty Turner Editor 479-872-5001 / E-mail
Ara Wilson Flypaper Agency Manager 479-841-3595 / E-mail

Staff Listing

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Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Rusty Turner Editor 479-872-5001 / E-mail
Lisa Thompson Managing editor 479-872-5168 / E-mail
Jaime Adame University of Arkansas Reporter 479-571-6490 / E-mail
Bill Bowden Northwest News Reporter 479-571-6452 / E-mail
Ashton Eley Police Reporter 479-571-6402 / E-mail
Alex Golden E-mail
Melissa Gute Bentonville City Reporter E-mail
Dave Hughes Fort Smith Bureau Reporter 479-785-9966 / E-mail
Charlie Kaijo Photographer E-mail
Donna Lonchar City Editor 479-571-6429 / E-mail
Tracy Neal Benton County Courts Reporter E-mail
Dave Perozek Benton County Education reporter 479-872-5050 / E-mail
Stacy Ryburn Fayetteville City Reporter 479-571-6403 / E-mail
Tom Sissom Benton County Reporter 479-872-5047 / E-mail
Christie Swanson City Editor 479-927-4709 / E-mail
Doug Thompson Special Projects and Political Editor 479-872-5127 / E-mail
Ron Wood Washington County Courts Reporter 479-571-6465 / E-mail
John Magsam Northwest Business Reporter 479-365-2922 / E-mail
Nathan Owens Reporter E-mail
Eric Burney Designer E-mail
Joshua Cook Designer
John Dunn Designer 479-927-4712 / E-mail
Ben Griggs Designer 479-872-5183 / E-mail
Monica Hooper Designer
Fran Johnson Assistant editor 479-872-5037 / E-mail
Megan Lewis Designer 479-927-4707 / E-mail
John Nebling Editor 479-872-5032 / E-mail
Kathy Reed Designer 479-872-5009 / E-mail
Chris Swindle Designer 479-927-4706 / E-mail
Deb Harvell Reporter E-mail
Lara Hightower Features Reporter E-mail
Laurinda Joenks Religion reporter E-mail
Becca Martin-Brown Features editor 479-872-5054 / E-mail
Jocelyn Murphy Assistant What's Up! Editor 479-872-5176 / E-mail
Carin Schoppmeyer Society reporter 479-872-5049 / E-mail
Matt Jones Online Sports Director E-mail
Mary Jordan Online Writer E-mail
Anthony Reyes Online Editor 479-365-2944 / E-mail
John Brummett Columnist E-mail
Greg Harton Opinion Editor 479-872-5026 / E-mail
Flip Putthoff Outdoors E-mail
Ben Goff Photographer E-mail
David Gottschalk Photographer E-mail
Charlie Kaijo Photographer E-mail
Andy Shupe Photographer 479-571-6448 / E-mail
Spencer Tirey Editor 479-872-5038 / E-mail
J.T. Wampler Photographer E-mail
Nate Allen Columnist
Henry Apple Sports Reporter 479-271-3715 / E-mail
Paul Boyd Sports Reporter 479-619-2565 / E-mail
Rick Fires Sports Reporter 479-872-5131 / E-mail
Wally Hall Assistant Managing Editor/Sports 501-378-3411 / E-mail
Chip Souza Editor 479-872-5131 / E-mail