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'All Things Sparkling'

Duo finds common Christmas spirit crosses borders

Subscriber onlyJohn Two-Hawks believes in magic and loves "all things mystical and sparkling." Continue reading...

VIDEO: 'True Faith, True Light'

Book, music honor one man’s unique mission

Subscriber onlyTime pretty much stopped at Ed Stilley's house in Hogscald Holler when he was a young man. Continue reading...

Giving, Then And Now

Rogers Historical Museum partners with Food Bank

Subscriber onlyIt always starts with a theme. Continue reading...

Secrets Of The Wichitas

Photographs reveal spirit of southwest Oklahoma

Subscriber onlyNobody who knows Don House should have believed him. Continue reading...

Lyrical Lagniappe

‘Twelfth Night’ resonates in Crescent City setting

Subscriber onlyLike all of Shakespeare's comedies, "Twelfth Night" is convoluted. Continue reading...

Pieces Of The Past

Music artifacts tune in to ancient cultures

Subscriber onlyNo one will ever hear this flute played or even know for sure what it would sound like. Experts do know it's about 31 centimeters long and has two chambers, making it the prototype for the modern Native American flute; it's made of river cane -- a type of bamboo that grows in hollow sections separated by nodes; and it's between 800 and 1,000 years old. Continue reading...

Stitches In Time

Artist weaves New Orleans into her narratives

Subscriber onlyGina Phillips might be called a painter: Her work begins with acrylics on canvas. Continue reading...

Loud and proud

Mezzo soprano wants to bring opera to everyone

Subscriber onlyKierstin Blanchard Bible might not be a Valkyrie in physical stature, but she is certainly one in spirit. She believes she can not only invade Northwest Arkansas with opera but that the populace will embrace the invasion. Continue reading...

'Populist without being pop'

Norwegian composer brings ‘broad appeal’ to UA

Subscriber only"Ola Gjeilo is one of the hottest names in vocal music these days," says Stephen Caldwell, director of choral activities at the University of Arkansas. "Almost every student in a high school or collegiate choir has sung his music. Continue reading...

Plaintively Perfect

SoNA presents ‘dark, sad piece for cello’

Subscriber onlyKari Caldwell is a relatively rare and definitely fortunate musician. It's her "day" job -- and always has been. Although the cellist has taught -- at the University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts University -- and kept a flourishing private studio, "my first career has been as a performer," she says. Continue reading...

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