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Rural Builders still the bedrock that supports Son's Chapel

Subscriber onlyTrisha Beland isn't the only one who keeps the history of Son's Chapel in east Fayetteville alive. But she's the only one with "historian" as her job description. Continue reading...

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

Pool party raises money for furry friends in Prairie Grove

Subscriber onlySummer might be almost over, but dogs still want to have fun. So they're headed to the pool for a Soggy Doggy Pool Party. Continue reading...

Bright Lights, Big City

Musician comes home to guide Faulkner Center’s first season

Subscriber onlyThe bright lights of New York City were enough to draw Nicole Cotton there a decade ago, but the allure of Razorback red -- and a new performing arts center -- were enough to bring her back. Continue reading...

Homesteading The Ozarks

Author says back-to-landers helped create communities

Subscriber onlyCindy Arsaga is the definition of the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s. Continue reading...

A Very Busy Season

Maestro brings two world premieres to SoNA

Subscriber onlyThe Paul Haas masterfully wielding the baton in front of the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas is just one incarnation of a very busy man. Continue reading...

Play Ball!

Lifelong fan shares baseball memorabilia

Subscriber onlySteve Morrow has been collecting baseball memorabilia since he was 8 or 9 years old, he says. "And I'm 58." That means he has a half century of memories he's willing to share with anyone who wants to stop by the Bella Vista Historical Museum on Sunday. Continue reading...

Gone To The Dogs

Thrift store helps support abandoned, lost pets

Subscriber onlyTwice a year, collectors flock to Eureka Springs for Yards & Yards of Yard Sales, a time when the wacky, weird and wild art and artifacts of the community go on sale in carports and on front lawns. This year, 50 vendors were signed up as of Wednesday. Continue reading...

Growing With Northwest Arkansas

Arkansas Philharmonic announces seventh season

Subscriber onlyAsk Jason Miller why fans enjoy the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra, and he rattles off three answers without hesitation. Continue reading...

VIDEO: Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields knows how to win

Miss Arkansas knows what it takes to win

Subscriber onlyWatching her play with bubbles during a photo shoot, Savvy Shields looks very much like an ordinary college coed. She laughs easily, both at the situation and at herself, as she tries to catch the bubbles on her fingers and dodges fog sprayed into the mix. Not until she's finished does she become Miss Arkansas, asking the photographers' names and shaking their hands. Later, she says she's working hard at remembering everyone she meets during what is certain to be an extraordinary year. Continue reading...

'Beyond Gay Rights'

Film festival looks at climate change, segregation and more

Subscriber onlyThere's more to human rights than gay rights, even in Eureka Springs, even at an event during Diversity Weekend. Continue reading...

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