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Victorian 'Pop Art'

‘Crazy’ quilts reflect mood of a prosperous nation

Subscriber onlyDon't be fooled. Crazy quilts -- in spite of their mismatched scraps of fabric and random appearance -- were rarely haphazard. Neither were they a pioneer homemaker's solution to cold winters on the prairie. Continue reading...

Once In A Lifetime

One Night Only as unique as it sounds

Subscriber onlyIt's going to be a circus around the Arts Center of the Ozarks on Feb. 19. Continue reading...

Cutting-edge art

Husband and wife carve own niches in their work

Subscriber onlyA professor of art at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Tammy Harrington will be sharing an Arts Center of the Ozarks gallery in February with her husband, Neal Harrington, an associate professor of art at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. Asked about the exhibition, she wants first to brag on his work, not her own. Continue reading...

Seriously Funny

Monty Python comedy lives in APT’s ‘Spamalot’

Subscriber onlySomewhere, one assumes, is someone who hasn't seen "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," a film released in 1975. Continue reading...

Up, Up And Away

Florence LaRue a 5th Dimension icon

Subscriber onlyFlorence LaRue is showing her age. Continue reading...

What's Beneath The Surface

ACO’s ‘Whales of August’ a tale of love and loss

Subscriber onlySarah and Libby are sisters, both widowed, both near the end of their lives. Continue reading...

Stop The Violence

FHS play a journey through suffering to hope

Subscriber onlyTheatergoers know Mike Thomas because he's funny. He's that guy in Phunbags comedy improv and on stages and screens all over Northwest Arkansas. Continue reading...

'Smile and dunk'

Harlem Globetrotter fires off about basketball, faith

Subscriber onlyEven though some fans might argue, God probably doesn't affect the outcome of basketball games. Continue reading...

Thoroughly Modern At 31

Arkansas Public Theatre continues to carve niche

Subscriber onlyEvery theater company in Northwest Arkansas has its own niche. And Ed McClure wants to make sure Arkansas Public Theatre hangs on to the one it has claimed. Continue reading...

'Hunting Through the Galleries'

Filmmaking fun with stellar teen

Subscriber onlyOne of these days, there will be a short film with a title something like "Hunting Through the Galleries and What Was Found There" -- and I'll be in it! Continue reading...

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