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A Growing Artform

Garden tour lets woodworker carve his niche

Subscriber onlyWhen Dwain Cromwell opens the great outdoors around his home to this year's Omni Peace Garden Tour, he'll include something extra. In addition to his Japanese maples, hostas, peonies, lilacs, lilies, herbs -- and new this year, a commissioned "Dangling" from noted glass artist Ed Pennebaker -- he will display "about 12 of my turquoise inlaid wood bud vases, in both figured maple and native Ozark cedar," he says. Continue reading...

Morning Glory

Photographer captures unique world view

Subscriber onlyViewers have come to expect two things from John Rankine's photographs. They'll either be epic -- or unusual. Continue reading...

Minimally Staged, Scantily Costumed

ArkansasStaged’s ‘Venus in Fur’ ‘good, kinky fun’

Subscriber onlyThe traditional expectation of a staged reading is that it won't be fully realized. Actors will read their lines from scripts, usually open on music stands. They will not be costumed or lighted beyond adequately. There won't be music or sound effects. Continue reading...

No Bauble Left Behind

Junker puts new life into ‘Bohemian’ jewelry

Subscriber onlyAs far as Samantha Extance is concerned, if it ain't broke, there's no point in fixing it. Continue reading...

Go Into The Light

Laughter lifts APT drama out of dark places

Subscriber only"We all say we love someone... Words are the bridge we build across the void that separates us... desperate to cling to something. 'I love you' is the best we've come up with for pretending it isn't there." Continue reading...

Already In Orbit

Meteor Guitar Gallery flies high as BFF music venue

Subscriber only"Meteor" turned out to be a prophetic name for a business in Bentonville that took off like ... well, a rocket. Continue reading...

A Grand Night For Singing

Soprano joins SoNA for ‘jocular and haunting’ Gloria

Subscriber onlyTalking with Tami Petty by phone might make you believe she's a jazz singer. On this Monday in late April, she has a smoky voice that could easily be imagined scatting with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald. Continue reading...

Riding in to the future

Statue latest tribute to founder of Army Rangers

Subscriber onlyThe cover of Newsweek on Jan. 4, 1943, shows a dashing soldier astride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle chatting with French Gen. Henri Giraud. Even though he was born in Fort Smith, his hand-tinted image probably wouldn't be easily recognized by many in the region. Continue reading...

Silver Dollar City best in the company of friends

Silver Dollar City best in company of friends

Subscriber onlyI always refer to Silver Dollar City as "the Happiest Place in the Midwest." To me, it is. I didn't have a particularly happy childhood, but the Branson, Mo., theme park is among my best memories. And that's remained true throughout my adult life. Dan and I always loved taking Amanda there. Larry and I celebrated our engagement there. My sisters and I have had a blast every time we've gone. And a couple of weekends ago, I got to take the folks I call "my Little Rock family" there for the last season of World-Fest, which ends May 1. Continue reading...

The Joy Of The Music

Jazz trumpeter keeps his gospel roots firmly planted

Subscriber onlyByron Stripling describes his father as "a little black kid from Georgia who followed his dream to be a classical singer." Continue reading...

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