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Hip Chicks Rule

Boutique browsers bring booths to Fort Smith

Subscriber onlyTrina Gonzales and Amanda Johnson bonded the way only "2 Hip Chicks" can -- over clothes, shoes and jewelry. Continue reading...

Rock Me, Amadeus!

T2 makes epic drama an intimate experience

Subscriber onlyThe title might suggest that "Amadeus" is a play about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That simply isn't the case -- although Mozart's music figures heavily in the TheatreSquared production opening this weekend. Continue reading...

An Island Of Creativity

Art Guild hosts 27th annual show

Subscriber onlyFor most of her adult life, Mariellen Griffith was a college professor, a mom -- but rarely an artist. Continue reading...

Light Up The Night

Invention the mother of annual ‘Buckyball’ festival

Subscriber onlyR. Buckminster Fuller didn't look like a mad scientist. Born in 1895, he was, however, clearly ahead of his time. Continue reading...


Subscriber onlyTODAY (8/28): Finders Keepers -- A roundtable for antiques lovers, 1 p.m., Rogers Historical Museum Education Annex. Free. 621-1154. Continue reading...

Batty About Ecology

Watershed Sanctuary shares life around the lake

Subscriber onlyBy day, a gray bat maternity colony is "so loud, it sounds like a great big bazaar in there," says Arkansas State University master's student Patrick Moore. "It's full of chittering and talking all day long." Continue reading...

Right brain, left brain

Artists offered advice on business side of their jobs

Subscriber onlyIt's one thing to create a brochure for a client. Graphic designers do it all the time. Continue reading...

The Old Social Media

Columnist’s records reveal local news of the day

Subscriber onlyBack in the days when Marion Mason was writing for The Springdale News, there were two ways to find out who was visiting whom, who had gone out of town, who was celebrating a birthday, who had a new beau or a new grandbaby. Continue reading...

All-American girl

Miss Arkansas acts like queen she is

Subscriber onlyFans, friends, family members and even fellow competitors all seem to use the same word when asked to describe Loren McDaniel: Genuine. Continue reading...

One man's treasure

Mystery House odd even for New Orleans

Subscriber onlyNew Orleans is full of "unusual" people and "interesting" places -- both adjectives your mama uses when she doesn't want to say, "Well, bless his heart. He's just not like other people." Continue reading...

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