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Craft Squared: Heavy Metal

Studio program brings together beer, manly art

Subscriber onlyRoland David Smith, born in 1906 in Decatur, Ind., might be described as a man's man -- or a man's artist. His father was a part-time inventor; he started his art career as a cartoonist while still in high school; his first job was for the Studebaker automobile factory in South Bend, Ind., where he did riveting, soldering, spot-welding and worked a lathe; and he later sailed the seas on an oil tanker. In the 1930s, he started creating "constructions" of wood, wire, stone, aluminum rod, soldered metal and "found" materials. Continue reading...

Perfect Summer Combo

Music, burgers & golf come together for LPGA

Subscriber onlyMusic, burgers and golf might be the recipe for a perfect summer weekend. This year, the Walmart Northwest Arkansas Championship presented by P&G will deliver that perfection with a concert by Grammy nominee Rachel Platten, a two-day food festival and the women of the LPGA taking over the Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers. Continue reading...

'Wherefore art thou Romeo?'

Set in Damascus, new play seeks answers

Subscriber onlyTen years ago, when Kholoud Sawaf "barely spoke any English," she was a crew member for a production of "Romeo and Juliet" in the city of Shajrah in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading...

'I Don't Do Formal Gardens'

Cottage reflects time spent in English countryside

Subscriber onlyMarilyn Green's husband, Dale, was in the Army, and while they were stationed in England three decades ago, they rented a "hall" -- a gargantuan, 6,000-square-foot structure, parts of which dated back to the 1500s. Continue reading...

'A Night At The Opera'

Upstart opera company wants to prove it’s ‘legit’

Subscriber onlyYou can't get a job until you have experience. And you can't get experience until you have a job. Continue reading...

The Heart Of Art

Whimsical portraits convey love, inclusion

Subscriber only"A lot of my vision for Downtown Bentonville Inc. is that we are a part of an inclusive community, and we are a place where networking, connection and collaboration can happen," Monica Kumar, the organization's director, says in her lilting British accent. "We're really focused on building our events to feel really welcoming and very reflective of our local values and culture while integrating people moving in and bringing things from where they're from." Continue reading...

Two Wrongs Make A Band?

Diverse musicians come together for something new

Subscriber onlyThey call themselves The Wrong Men. But they agree their music is exactly right for this time and place. Continue reading...

Take The Plunge

White Water awash in endless entertainment

Subscriber onlyNick Guevel was a beach kid. Growing up in California, he says he always lived around water. But he never experienced the endless summer entertainment of a Midwestern swimming pool. Continue reading...

A Growing Artform

Garden tour lets woodworker carve his niche

Subscriber onlyWhen Dwain Cromwell opens the great outdoors around his home to this year's Omni Peace Garden Tour, he'll include something extra. In addition to his Japanese maples, hostas, peonies, lilacs, lilies, herbs -- and new this year, a commissioned "Dangling" from noted glass artist Ed Pennebaker -- he will display "about 12 of my turquoise inlaid wood bud vases, in both figured maple and native Ozark cedar," he says. Continue reading...

Morning Glory

Photographer captures unique world view

Subscriber onlyViewers have come to expect two things from John Rankine's photographs. They'll either be epic -- or unusual. Continue reading...

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