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'On Fields Far Away'

Exhibit follows Benton County soldiers into World War I

Subscriber onlyThe story of Benton County in "the war to end all wars" and on the homefront is the subject of a new exhibit opening this weekend at the Rogers Historical Museum. Titled "On Fields Far Away: Our Community During the Great War," it sets out to "explain the causes of the war and place the World War I experiences of Rogers and Benton County in context of those events." Continue reading...

Delight In The Details

Shiloh Museum visitors step back in time

Subscriber onlyThe devil is in the details -- but so is the delight. Continue reading...


Subscriber onlyTODAY (1/13) Continue reading...

No evil in acquisition

Collector isn’t monkeying around

Subscriber onlyPeter Roe says he has one of the top 10 -- maybe top five -- collections of his particular passion in the world. What he collects might surprise visitors to Collectors' Day on Saturday at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale, but the cultural significance he attributes to "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" monkeys might surprise the uninitiated even more. Continue reading...

Under 'A Broad Tent'

Former law school dean has message for MLK Day

Subscriber onlyCynthia Nance may hold some feet to the fire at this year's 21st annual Recommitment Banquet hosted by the Northwest Arkansas Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Council. Continue reading...

Seventy Years Of Success

Fort Smith Little Theatre announces 2017 season

Subscriber onlyCarole Rogers laughs when she says Fort Smith Little Theatre is even older than she is. Continue reading...

Paparazzi Prep

Ten artistic people to watch in 2017

Subscriber onlyIt was a whim. Continue reading...

Time In A Bottle

A.J. Croce makes peace, music with his dad

Subscriber onlyIt would make a story to rend the heartstrings: Little A.J. Croce sitting at his father's knee, listening to songs like "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" and "Time in a Bottle" being composed, knowing one day he would make Jim Croce a proud papa when he came into his own musical success. Continue reading...

Let 2016 Burn!

New year promises better days and fun to come

Subscriber onlyOther people make New Year's resolutions, right? So here are yours, in the form of 17 things you really MUST see/do/experience in 2017. For those of you keeping score, they are in random order! Continue reading...

Three-Dimensional Deception

Carved and colored artworks fool the eye

Subscriber onlyArtist Jim Nelson might not call what he does trompe l'oeil, but it is. His carved and painted wooden artworks deceive the eye in ways that surprise even him. Continue reading...

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