Ex-Sen. Woods, others plead not guilty

Subscriber only Former state Sen. Jon Woods along with two other men pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon to being co-conspirators in a kickback scheme involving state grants.

Northwest Arkansas Community College staff meets for info on gun law in Bentonville

Subscriber onlyNew legislation allowing people to carry guns on college campuses raises numerous policy-related issues at Northwest Arkansas Community College that "will be ironed out over the course of several years," one official said.

Northwest Arkansas Restaurant Inspections Database

A searchable database of restaurant inspections in Northwest Arkansas performed by the Department of Health.

Three from Springdale arrested in connection with drug ring

Subscriber onlySPRINGDALE -- Drug task force members arrested three suspects Tuesday in connection with a drug distribution operation.

Downtown Springdale design standards receive council approval

Subscriber only The city's downtown area now has design standards after receiving approval from the City Council during Tuesday's meeting.

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Retired exec pleads not guilty to fraud

Subscriber onlyA retired Procter & Gamble executive who’s president of a Fayetteville business training company pleaded not guilty to several fraud charges in federal court Tuesday.

State panel suspends Fayetteville doctor's license

Subscriber onlyA state board has suspended a Fayetteville doctor's medical license after a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs investigation found he diverted prescription pain medication for his use.



Spring cleaning: Hogs take step to wipe away 2016

Subscriber onlyThe Arkansas Razorbacks kicked off spring drills Tuesday, taking another step in putting the ragged end to their 7-6 finish in 2016 behind them.


Mango takes French Salade Nicoise to tropics

Subscriber onlySalade Nicoise is the kind of French bistro concoction that looks casually composed but follows a specific regimen: olives, green beans, oil-packed tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, hard-cooked eggs and potatoes, served with a spiky vinaigrette.


Fran Alexander: Defend your vote or lose it

Subscriber onlyAnyone paying attention to the news during the last election must know there were reports of people not able to vote in numerous states for a variety of reasons. Too few and hard-to-locate polling places or multiple ID requirements, like producing birth certificates or passports, put up barriers to voting. In some locations poll hours were shortened, or ballots ran out, or voters just gave up after waiting hours in long lines.


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Fed chief urges banks to nurture low-income areas' growth

Subscriber onlyFederal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said Tuesday that U.S. banks must do all they can to promote economic development in low-income areas where high unemployment has persisted despite the overall job market's significant gains.