UA finalists all faced tests of leadership

Subscriber onlyThe three finalists for the top leadership position at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville share a few characteristics. Each is a provost, often referred to as the top academic officer or second-in-command at a university. And each makes more in salary than what was earned by former Chancellor G. David Gearhart.

Judge orders release of 911 call involving Duggars

Subscriber onlyRelease of a 911 recording under the state's Freedom of Information Act was delayed for almost four months by two letters written by Washington County Juvenile Court Judge Stacey Zimmerman, according to testimony in a hearing Tuesday.


Restaurant Inspections Database

A searchable database of restaurant inspections in Northwest Arkansas performed by the Department of Health.

UA center gets $1.5M for poultry work

Subscriber onlyTyson Foods gave $1.3 million in matching donations to the University of Arkansas for poultry research and promotion, the company and the university announced Tuesday.

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General doubts post-'16 plan

Subscriber onlyThe top U.S. commander in Afghanistan recommended on Tuesday that President Barack Obama revise his plan and keep more than 1,000 U.S. troops in the country beyond 2016, just days after a deadly U.S. airstrike "mistakenly struck" a hospital during fierce fighting in the north.


Benton County officials veto longevity pay

Subscriber onlyBenton County justices of the peace defeated a proposed longevity pay policy Tuesday but kept alive possible merit raises for employees.



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Local Opinion

Brummett online: Road-rage policy

Subscriber Only Not all circumspection is appeasement worthy of Neville Chamberlain comparisons. Read More »

NWA editorial: Thumbs on the mend

Subscriber Only The St. Louis Cardinals are in the post-season, as they should be, and the team's players, fans and managers have a thumb on their minds. Read More »

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Features: Food

Making more with less

Subscriber Only The challenge: A week's worth of dinner recipes that are full of flavor, but don't require a laundry list of ingredients or rely heavily on processed foods. Read More »

Florida trip a feast for palates, pupils

Subscriber Only Last month I spent the better part of a week with fellow food writers and editors from around the United States. Read More »

Gadgets & Gizmos

Subscriber Only When it comes to separating eggs, I usually just do it by hand. Literally. I crack the egg into one hand, catch the yolk and let the white drip between my fingers into a bowl ... Read More »

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