Classical Academy students witness history in Washington

Subscriber onlyBENTONVILLE -- Fifteen Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy students got some history lessons -- and a glimpse of history in the making -- during a whirlwind trip to Washington, D.C., last week.

VIDEO: Watch the 2017 Academy Award Nominations

Join us here to watch the announcement of nominations for the 89th Academy Awards.

Northwest Arkansas Restaurant Inspections Database

A searchable database of restaurant inspections in Northwest Arkansas performed by the Department of Health.

Ongoing cyber stalking lands Virginia man jail time

Subscriber onlyFAYETTEVILLE -- A Virginia man was ordered jailed by a federal judge Monday for continuing to harass a woman on social media even after he had pleaded guilty to her cyber stalking.

Fayetteville tourism commission sets budget, considers options for historic house

Subscriber onlyFAYETTEVILLE -- The Advertising and Promotion Commission will have a $4.2 million budget to work with as it decides what to do with the historic Walker-Stone House, undergoes a rebranding and makes improvements to the Town Center.

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Benton County panel reviews pay raise plan for elected officials

Subscriber onlyBENTONVILLE -- Benton County's justices of the peace on Monday reviewed a plan to make annual raises for elected officials an automatic part of the county's budget process.

Arkansas woman slain; police hunt for husband

Subscriber onlyA Harrison man sought in the shooting death of his estranged wife was still at large late Monday after police were unable to find him in a wooded area of Boone County where he abandoned her sport utility vehicle.



Journal brings outdoor adventures back to life

Subscriber onlyThere's been some good fireside reading this winter with words and pictures from some long-distance float trips bringing those adventures back to life.


NWA editorial: Gen. Lee, move out

Subscriber onlyThe application of present-day sensitivities to the complexities of Southern life in the mid-1800s makes it simple for some Americans to view Robert E. Lee as the personification of the evil that was slavery.


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Shift deletes return for Indian typists

Subscriber onlyNEW DELHI -- The end is coming, though admittedly it may not look that way at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, when dozens of young Indians have arrived for morning classes at Anand Type, Shorthand and Keypunch College, and every battered Remington is clattering away.