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Art Hobson: The lightness of neutrinos

Understanding of our world goes deeper

Subscriber onlyPlease allow me to introduce you to one of nature's strangest objects: the neutrino. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Cooperate with enemies

U.S. policies not helping to stabilize world

Subscriber onlyIn my previous column, I argued that, given his aim of maintaining absolute power, Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons are actually a rational response to America's aggressive foreign policy. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Kim Jong Un's rationale

North Korean leader’s key concern is staying in power

Subscriber onlyAlthough global warming poses the planet's greatest long-term danger, nuclear weapons are the major short-term threat. North Korea's recent acquisition of nuclear weapons is perilous and deplorable, but it's not Kim Jong Un's fault alone. It's an inevitable consequence of the failure of the nuclear powers, including us, to work toward a nuclear-weapons-free world. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The USA is in trouble

Despite nation’s wealth, country has a lot of ailments

Subscriber onlyRecently my extended family got together near the beach in Venice, Calif. Like other U.S. cities, it bears the scars of our national dysfunction. By day, the boardwalk, bikeway and adjoining businesses are packed with thousands of people. But when the sun dips, the tone darkens as homeless people, some mentally ill and some on drugs, begin to dominate. Restaurants and bars won't accept new customers after 8 p.m., and tourists vanish, fearing for their safety. The daily financial turnover along the boardwalk must be an enormous boon for this city of 41,000, but it all stops when evening falls and homelessness, poverty, mental illness and drugs take charge of Venice's crown jewel. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: And all that jazz

America’s music delivers lifetime of memories

Subscriber onlyToday, let's stroll down my own lane of memories of America's greatest invention. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Our overpopulated planet

Rate of births exceeding Earth’s capacities

Subscriber onlyHenderson Island, an uninhabited South Pacific atoll, is so isolated as to be practically untouched, ever, by human presence. Yet according to scientists who studied it in 2015, this island is the final resting place for 38 million pieces of mostly plastic trash, with 3,500 pieces washing up daily. The garbage comes from China, South America, Europe, USA --from the world. Ocean plastic entangles marine mammals and fish, is ingested by birds, never degrades and floats for decades. Humans dispose of 8 million tons of plastic in the oceans every year. That's 200,000 large interstate truck loads per year -- and only a tiny fraction of humankind's total trash load on the planet. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Car trouble in Northwest Arkansas

Region’s reliance on automobiles harmful, not sustainable

Subscriber onlyHow to capture the sorry state of our transportation? There are many good books, with solutions -- James Kunstler's classic "The Geography of Nowhere"; Jane Holtz Kay's "Asphalt Nation"; Katie Alvord's "Divorce Your Car!"; and Alex Marshall's "How Cities Work." Our bad transportation habits have become so embedded in infrastructure and culture that it's difficult to imagine extricating ourselves, but try we must. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Syrian attack hazy

Trump’s response to use of gas premature, uninformed

Subscriber onlyPresident Trump jumped prematurely to the conclusion that Bashar Assad's air force attacked the town of Khan Sheikhoun using nerve gas weapons. U.S. Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, as well as former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter have raised serious doubts about this conclusion. Most importantly, a detailed assessment by weapons expert Theodore Postol, professor of science, technology and national security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, concludes that sarin gas was indeed released but probably not by Assad's forces. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Nature is an incomparable artist

Modern science keeps asking what world is made of

Subscriber onlyMy driving professional passion is general scientific literacy for all people. The American Association for the Advancement of Science justifies this task in stark terms: "Without a scientifically literate population, the outlook for a better world is not promising." Continue reading...

Art Hobson: A godless existence

Life isn’t about meaning, but about experience

Subscriber only"Are you good without God? Millions are." Continue reading...

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