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Art Hobson: A godless existence

Life isn’t about meaning, but about experience

Subscriber only"Are you good without God? Millions are." Continue reading...

Art Hobson: On course to crash

Study firms up serious concerns for planet Earth

Subscriber onlyThere's already a mountain of evidence for the reality and seriousness of global warming. But a recent article in the journal Science, "Regional and global sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation," by Jeremy S. Hoffman and others is the best evidence yet. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Praying Trump into office

Pastors make incredible claims about president

Subscriber onlyMost presidents have chosen just one or two clergy to "pray them into office" -- a strange phrase that's normal usage in many newspapers. Although one preacher seems sufficient, President Trump chose six: A Catholic archbishop, a Jewish rabbi, and four Christian "evangelicals" or biblical literalists who seek to convert others. White evangelicals, who voted 80 to 16 percent for Trump, were crucial to his victory. Trump surrounded himself from the start with evangelicals such as Mike Pence, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. Given Trump's iconoclasm, it's not surprising none of his six choices belong to the dominant U.S. faith tradition, namely mainline Protestant, and that three of the evangelicals are, as we shall see, controversial. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The greatest president since FDR

Obama achieved much in face of relentless opposition

Subscriber onlyAlthough a case can be made for Ronald Reagan as our most consequential, and therefore greatest, president of recent times, I disagree too strongly with Reagan's economic consequences to be able to go along with this opinion. My vote goes to Barack Obama as our greatest president since Franklin Roosevelt. FDR was, in turn, surely both our greatest and most consequential president since Abraham Lincoln. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The folly of Syria's civil war

Conflict demonstrates that war is not the answer

Subscriber onlyHow to capture the folly of Syria's civil war, and the tragedy? Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The fog of America's wars

Nation’s ease of involvement came with a serious cost

Subscriber onlyThe Vietnam veteran had never talked about it, but three weeks ago in a "StoryCorps" National Public Radio interview with his wife, the story finally emerged. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The power of pedaling

Goal should be making all comfortable with cycling

Subscriber onlyNovelist and futurist H. G. Wells once said "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." It's a notion we might well adopt for Northwest Arkansas cities. Imagine what it would mean if, say, 50 percent of our commuters got out of their cars and bicycled to work. This is not pie in the sky. In the much larger city of Copenhagen, population 500,000 -- three Little Rocks -- where one might think bicycling is more difficult than in smaller towns, 56 percent of those who work or study in the city commute by bike every day. Many European cities achieve similar figures. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: A possibly revolutionary election

How big Clinton wins matters to nation’s culture

Subscriber onlyI seldom devote a column to elections because culture, not politics, is the real driver of human events. But 2016 is different. By changing the direction of our politics, this election could change our culture. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Sing it, Frankie

Mankind lucky to find its place in ‘this fine old world’

Subscriber onlyFrankie's song said it well: "That's life. That's what people say. You're riding high in April, shot down in May. ... But I don't let it, let it get me down. 'Cause this fine old world -- it keeps spinnin' around." Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Spooky action at greater distances

Shedding light on the behaviors of photons

Subscriber onlyThree weeks ago, Chinese scientists launched into space a beautiful physics experiment that will, if successful, establish a new world record for the long-distance "nonlocal entanglement" of quantum particles. Continue reading...

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