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Commentary: Embracing "Big History"

General public learns little about time before mankind

Subscriber onlyWhere do humans come from and how do we fit into the big universe? A motivator of both science and religion, this question has surely been on our minds for nearly as long as we have walked Earth, far before recorded history, perhaps before our genus Homo evolved from Australopithecus 2 million years ago. A good definition of humankind might be "the creatures who ask about their place in the universe." Continue reading...

Commentary: Wanting it all

Voters, lawmakers want highways, but not bill

Subscriber onlyAccording to highway advocates, Arkansas needs $160 million more per year to maintain and expand its ailing roads. Arkansas highways are underfunded today because inflation and ever-increasing fuel efficiency reduce revenue from the per-gallon tax. As of this writing, the Governor's Working Group on Highway Financing has just presented Gov. Asa Hutchinson with options to raise the money. Continue reading...

Commentary: Forget regime change

Cooperating necessary in fight against ISIS

Subscriber onlyAmericans now realize our 2003 decision to wage war against Iraq's Saddam Hussein was a huge mistake. Continue reading...

This loss is America’s gain

Shrinking religious base good news for nation’s future

Subscriber onlyReal change is afoot in America. It won’t happen overnight, but the beneficial effects should be obvious within a decade. Continue reading...

Neutrinos and Nobels

Prize winners’ discovery extends fundamental physical theory

Subscriber onlyThey come from the sun, from exploding stars, from the creation of the universe. Trillions of them pass, like ghosts, through your body every second, leaving no trace. One second later, they have travelled beyond the orbit of the moon, many moving at nearly light speed through the entire Earth. Continue reading...

Fighting back the right

Author promotes declaration of seculur humanism

Subscriber onlyI just read "Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America From the Attack on Reason" by David Niose, former president and present legal advisor of the American Humanist Association and author of "Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans." Continue reading...

Commentary: Is war in Mideast endless?

United States’ role should be limited to humanitarian aid

Subscriber onlyTunisia, which gave birth to the Arab Spring, was for a few years that movement's lone success. Then three Libyan-trained Islamic State gunmen killed 20 tourists last March at a museum, and an Islamic State gunman killed 39 and wounded 36 tourists last June at a beach resort, destroying Tunisia's valuable tourist trade. Today that nation is sinking into unemployment and violence, and is a leading supplier of religious radicals to Islamic State in Syria. Continue reading...

Daunting numbers

United States gun culture at heart of too many deaths

Subscriber onlyIn a recent interview with BBC, President Obama was asked about gun violence in America. He stated, "That is an area where ... I've been most frustrated and most stymied." Continue reading...

On the horizon

Earth-sized “telescope” to shed light on black hole

Subscriber onlyA monster lurks at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. You won't see this monster directly, and you won't even see the stars residing anywhere near the center, but you can gaze in the center's direction by finding the constellation Sagittarius. Continue reading...

Commentary: Region needs passenger rail

United States ignores true costs of cars, highways

Subscriber onlySuppose you want to get to Dallas from Fayetteville. It's 333 miles by car amounting to 5 1/2 hours one way, not counting stops for gasoline, eating and unwinding your cramped body. Continue reading...

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