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ART HOBSON: Immigration deal essential

Compromise a necessity for good of the nation

Subscriber onlyUnbending ideology is the enemy of democracy. We see this in nations doomed to terrorism by rigid religious beliefs. We see it in the authoritarian government and failed economies of nations led by extremists of either the left or the right. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: In search of Schrodinger's cat

A suggested solution of a quantum problem

Subscriber onlyQuantum physics -- the study of matter and energy at the microscopic level -- delights me, and I've gotten more involved with it since retirement provided more time for pondering. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: City eyes energy action plan

Vision creates roadmap for better city, planet

Subscriber onlySince coming here in 1964. I've been happy to be a Fayetteville citizen, but I'm happier still since scanning the city's new Energy Action Plan. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Is anti-intellectualism at the root of modern problems?

Is anti-intellectualism at root of modern problems?

Subscriber only"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Governor's road response excellent

But what should Arkansas do now?

Subscriber onlyArkansas has annual highway "needs" totaling about $900 million, but only about $450 million available in highway allocations. The state Highway Commission hoped to get some of the difference from other existing general state revenues. Gov. Asa Hutchinson's response was perfect: Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Shootings as American as apple pie

Volume of gun violence shows need to address the problem

Subscriber onlyI'm no expert on gun violence, but events have surely shown we'd better pay attention to it. The Las Vegas massacre was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, but it was only one of many shootings and we need to develop some feeling for these numbers. Then, maybe, we'll begin to do something. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Make peace with North Korea

U.S. policy helps increase tensions in world

Subscriber onlyAmerica and North Korea are entangled in a perilous game. The U.S., which could have prevented this impasse, needs a rational foreign policy based on current realities. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: The lightness of neutrinos

Understanding of our world goes deeper

Subscriber onlyPlease allow me to introduce you to one of nature's strangest objects: the neutrino. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Cooperate with enemies

U.S. policies not helping to stabilize world

Subscriber onlyIn my previous column, I argued that, given his aim of maintaining absolute power, Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons are actually a rational response to America's aggressive foreign policy. Continue reading...

Art Hobson: Kim Jong Un's rationale

North Korean leader’s key concern is staying in power

Subscriber onlyAlthough global warming poses the planet's greatest long-term danger, nuclear weapons are the major short-term threat. North Korea's recent acquisition of nuclear weapons is perilous and deplorable, but it's not Kim Jong Un's fault alone. It's an inevitable consequence of the failure of the nuclear powers, including us, to work toward a nuclear-weapons-free world. Continue reading...

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