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ART HOBSON: Crime against the planet

Climate change denial an orchestrated industry response

Subscriber onlyBy early August, 85 large fires burned in California and northern California was declared a national disaster. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Are Kim's missiles a threat to U.S.?

North Korean nukes are fact of life

Subscriber onlyHow about that? After Chairman Kim Jong Un agreed with President Trump to "work toward denuclearization," and Trump's tweet expressing "confidence that Kim ... will honor the contract we signed ... to denuclearize," U.S. intelligence reports that Korea continues to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles and uranium enrichment. Darn those sneaky North Koreans. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Getting to know U

Understanding the science behind nuclear bomb news

Subscriber onlyWhether one considers the Iran nuclear deal, North Korea's H-bomb, Russia's arsenal or America's military establishment, it's clear we all need to know something about nuclear weapons technology. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Region needs mass transit

Blend of Ozark Regional, Razorback Transit a good idea

Subscriber onlyNorthwest Arkansas needs mass transit Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Resisting religious extremism

Liberal policies more likely to reduce abortions

Subscriber onlyHumankind received stunning good news on May 28 when Ireland voted to repeal its constitutional ban on abortion. The vote had been expected to be close, but the margin turned out to be an overwhelming 2-to-1. It bodes well for Ireland's future that the vote for repeal was highest among the youngest voters, and positive in every age group except 65 and older. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Trump makes a disastrous choice

Will Trump invade Iran as U.S. did Iraq?

Subscriber onlyIt would be hard to top the recklessness of George W. Bush's 2003 attack on Iraq, but President Trump has managed it by withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement. The consequences will be worse than Iraq. At best, this entails declining U.S. influence and increasing U.S. isolation. At worst, it entails wider war between the Sunni (U.S., Israeli, Arabian) and Shiite (Russian, Iranian, Syrian) alliances. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: TESS searches for signs of life

Satellite’s mission: Identify Earth-like candidates

Subscriber onlyNASA's latest planet-hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS, rocketed into space on April 18. It will be two months before the refrigerator-sized satellite maneuvers into its unusual operating orbit, a highly elliptical path inside the moon's orbit that takes TESS twice around Earth every time the moon circles Earth. TESS passes the moon at the most distant point in TESS's orbit. The two-to-one orbital times ratio makes for stability because, if TESS drifts a little off-path, the moon will pull it back into synchronization on the next pass. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: Bicycling benefits region

Fayetteville makes strong moves toward happy living

Subscriber onlyAs readers probably know, I'm an academic type who does a lot of complaining about developments that seem to me to be unhealthy for the planet and its inhabitants. But despite the grumbling, I feel extremely lucky to be alive and living in Fayetteville in Northwest Arkansas. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: In God We Trust?

Motto isn’t true and reflects poor policy

Subscriber onlyA March 4 headline read "'In God We Trust' signs going up in schools." New Arkansas legislation requires public schools to display such posters whenever someone donates them. The American Legion of Bentonville, Hobby Lobby and other organizations have donated more than 1,100 posters to school districts in Bentonville, Pea Ridge, Gravette, Gentry, Siloam Springs and perhaps other Northwest Arkansas schools. Similar legislation passed recently in Florida and Mississippi, and bills have been introduced in Alabama, Arizona, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee. Continue reading...

ART HOBSON: The permanent warfare state

United States needs a less militarized foreign policy

Subscriber onlyThe Trump administration recently released a National Defense Strategy that tries to justify a new massive military buildup throughout the world. While continuing our campaign against terrorists, the plan's focus is China and Russia, which "want to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model." The plan doesn't mention America's efforts to expand NATO up to Russia's borders despite Russian fears of encirclement. It pleads for much more money without explaining why present spending, already more than the next eight nations combined, is insufficient. Continue reading...

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