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Commentary: Another gratuitous war?

Push for Syria intervention would be disaster

Subscriber onlyHave we learned nothing from U.S. regime-change failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya, not to mention counterproductive tinkering in civil wars in Somalia, Yemen and Syria? American meddling has helped produce six failed states in the Mideast and North Africa. Will we go to war against yet another Mideast dictator? Continue reading...

Commentary: A planet in need of peace

U.S. remains too strong militarily for own good

Subscriber onlyBarack Obama made history on May 27 when he become the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where on Aug. 6, 1945, we dropped the first of two nuclear bombs that destroyed two cities and killed 220,000 people. The bombs ended the world's most brutal war, a struggle that killed 60 million, 3 percent of the world population. The visit was a bold and humane move by our greatest president since Franklin Roosevelt. Continue reading...

Commentary: Fires of the Anthropocene

Humans inaction setting stage for dire consequences

Subscriber onlyThe astonishing fire at Fort McMurray evokes the legend of the monster destroying its maker, reveals the looming outlines of the age of human domination called by many geologists the "Anthropocene," and should be an awakening for us all. Although it's always hard to ascribe individual weather events to general climate trends, the fingerprints of global warming are all over this conflagration in Canada's Alberta Province. Continue reading...

Commentary: Greening a troubled planet

Movement toward change provides some home

Subscriber onlyScience has known since about 1990 that everything we hold dear is endangered by global warming. If we had taken the problem sufficiently seriously then, greenhouse gas concentrations would today be far lower than they are and we would be on the road to a healthy future based on clean energy. Instead, the fossil fuel industry and our own self-indulgence persuaded us our carbon-burning lifestyle was just peachy. Continue reading...

Commentary: An exciting age in astronomy

Gravity waves a ‘new window to universe’

Subscriber onlyWe have entered the era of gravity waves, a window on the universe that will reveal startling new realities much as Galileo's light wave telescope, four centuries ago, revealed a universe unlike anything imagined by medieval culture. Continue reading...

America’s exodus from Mideast

Disengaging from region after doing more harm than good

Subscriber onlyAs America’s movies, sports, gun culture, murder rate, incarceration rate, death penalty and history all testify, we are a violent nation. So it’s not surprising we are hawkish abroad. In particular, America’s involvement in the Middle East has been too militarized and, for this reason, counterproductive. Continue reading...

Commentary: The religious war on women

Belief alone a prescription for poor decisions

Subscriber onlyWith religious-based terrorism so much in the news, we need to recognize America's home-grown Christian terrorism. Its fundamentalist roots have important parallels with the more massive Islamic terrorism. Continue reading...

Commentary: A few realities about global warming

People can take action by voting Democratic

Subscriber onlyOf the 136 years on the global record books, 2015 was by far the hottest. The year before was the second hottest. Fifteen of the 16 hottest years occurred after 2000. Last year was so hot it will probably hold the record for several years, causing global warming deniers -- always frantic for statistics that seemingly support their non-existent case -- to argue that everything's fine because temperatures have now leveled off. It's an ironic argument that deniers have made before, following an extremely warm year in 1998. Continue reading...

Commentary: Embracing "Big History"

General public learns little about time before mankind

Subscriber onlyWhere do humans come from and how do we fit into the big universe? A motivator of both science and religion, this question has surely been on our minds for nearly as long as we have walked Earth, far before recorded history, perhaps before our genus Homo evolved from Australopithecus 2 million years ago. A good definition of humankind might be "the creatures who ask about their place in the universe." Continue reading...

Commentary: Wanting it all

Voters, lawmakers want highways, but not bill

Subscriber onlyAccording to highway advocates, Arkansas needs $160 million more per year to maintain and expand its ailing roads. Arkansas highways are underfunded today because inflation and ever-increasing fuel efficiency reduce revenue from the per-gallon tax. As of this writing, the Governor's Working Group on Highway Financing has just presented Gov. Asa Hutchinson with options to raise the money. Continue reading...

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