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Bitter fights go too far, Senate leader tells group in Rogers

Subscriber only"Slicing and dicing of fellow Republicans" in Arkansas has grown into a serious problem, Senate Majority Leader Jim Hendren, R-Sulphur Springs, told a Rogers-based group. Continue reading...

Are beneficiaries of state lottery scholarships fleecing people addicted to gambling?

Parents, state complicit in gambling addiction

Subscriber onlyPeople still argue over whether the state scholarship lottery hurts the poor. Here's a safer bet. Gambling must draw a lot of money from the compulsive. Continue reading...

New water rule riles state officials

Breadth of regulation troublesome, experts say

Subscriber onlyDelia Haak would love to have every brook and stream in the nation monitored, but the executive director of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership knows such oversight is impracticable. Continue reading...

Butting heads in Bentonville

Avoidable spat gives no credit to anyone

Subscriber onlyThe latest fracas at the Bentonville School Board shows why a deft touch matters. Look what happens without one. Continue reading...

Less the enemy?

Critics of Wal-Mart give latest “summit” a pass

Subscriber onlyThe usual batch of critical e-mails about Wal-Mart wasn't waiting in my in-basket on Thursday morning. Continue reading...

Commentary: Expect Backlash on Rulings

GOP fights back better than Democrats fight forward

Subscriber onlyIt's the Fourth of July in a country some folks don't recognize any more. Here's something about that: Continue reading...

Bentonville debate brought up to Womack for advice at Centerton meeting

Subscriber onlyCENTERTON -- A Bentonville School Board member brought up the district's proposed Equal Employment Opportunity policy to 3rd District Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers., on Wednesday, asking how he would respond to having his motives questioned for opposing such a policy. Continue reading...

Cotton: Fast-track powers to aid state

Obama’s authority unaltered, he says

Subscriber onlyFast-track authority on trade agreements will benefit Arkansas and the United States without expanding the president's power, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark, said Tuesday. Continue reading...

Commentary: Hate doesn't win

South Carolina forgiveness inspires admiration

Subscriber onlyForgiving mass murder is the most Christian thing I've ever heard of. Continue reading...

Used clothes useful, recycling board told

Firms discuss ‘green’ efforts in state

Subscriber onlyEveryone on the continent of Africa could get a new outfit if every American donated four pieces of clothing, a co-owner of a Springdale company told the state Marketing Board for Recyclables on Friday. Continue reading...

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