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FRAN ALEXANDER: You, me and the TPP

Opposition to trade pact brushed away at convention

Subscriber only"You've got to be an optimist to be a Democrat, and you've got to be a humorist to stay one." Continue reading...

Another choice for environmentalists

Subscriber onlyIt’s not easy being green.”— Kermit the Frog Survival in the wild, or in cities for that matter, is not easy for animals or humans. To make matters even harder, both must survive election outcomes. Critters can be subjected to dangerous and stupid human decisions governing their habitats and food, but humans have it even worse. They are subjected to each other. Continue reading...

Commentary: Things we own

‘Convenience’ focus robs community of responsibility

Subscriber onlyIn our household, during the kid-raising years, a system evolved regarding things no longer wanted. Continue reading...

Commentary: The benefits of battiness

Devil’s Den events help dispel myths about state’s bats

Subscriber onlyA fairly common insult is to call someone "batty" or "bat-brained," and we refer to erratic and irresponsible speeders as driving like "bats out of hell." Halloween and Dracula have heaped almost permanent image damage upon bats, creating a public relations nightmare for them in their relationship with humans, who do not always get the facts or behave rationally when it comes to living alongside other creatures. Fortunately a few of our species have been trying for a long time to put in a good word for bats. Continue reading...

Commentary: Out of the woods

Woodworker gives fallen trees new life

Subscriber only"The story of the tree is there if you'll listen to it." Continue reading...

Commentary: Love for a river

Natural State falls short in protecting Buffalo River

Subscriber onlyWhen diverse backgrounds meet over a shared issue, especially in a microcosm the size of our state, gatherings can run hot and cold, but are important for figuring out what our values really are. Farmers and professors, children and elders, folks of different ethnicities and skin color, and rural and urban residents have all been touched by the plight of our country's first national river that runs through us, the "us" that is Arkansas. Continue reading...

Commentary: Bringing nature home

Landscaping should take native species into account

Subscriber only"The World Conservation Union has estimated that 12 percent of all bird species are threatened with extinction because of habitat loss and invasive species." Continue reading...

Commentary: Standing on corners

Do people really vote based on signs they see?

Subscriber only"Standing on the corner watching all the cars go by," keeps repeating in my head. OK, I know the Dean Martin song was about watching girls, not cars, but Dean wasn't singing while holding a poster in an election year. Continue reading...

Commentary: Picking a contender

Responses to climate change, campaign funding key considerations

Subscriber onlyYou must be the change you wish to see in the world. Continue reading...

Commentary: The Golden Rule

Corporations overtaking public in global controls

Subscriber only"It's a corporate world," is a phrase often muttered more in frustration than fear, especially since the United States Supreme Court declared corporations to be people in regard to campaign contributions. Their 2010 Citizens United ruling gave corporations the right to fund individual candidates and electioneering communications, and the money is often unlimited and untraceable. This action screwed down the heaviest lid ever put on a democratic government supposedly controlled by "the people" of the flesh and bone variety. Continue reading...

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