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Can’t be right? Be certain

Experts say experts don’t know anything

Subscriber onlyI was scanning my phone when I should have been doing something like spending quality time watching "The Bachelorette" with The Lovely Mrs. Smith the other day (because the family that watches "The Bachelorette" together obviously can't get Netflix to load) when I came across something interesting. Continue reading...

Turning up the heat on summer

Like an annoying houseguest, summer stays too long

Subscriber onlySo there are two very distinct possibilities here. Either I complain too much, or summer stinks. Continue reading...

Commentary: The blissful life

Living with head in ‘the Cloud’ has its perks

Subscriber onlyI was watching the Women's World Cup finals the other day (because I'm nothing if not patriotic, particularly when we're beating the bejeezus out of someone else. Preferable a former member of the Soviet bloc, but opponents from any world war are good, too.). As I watched, I realized two very valuable points. Continue reading...

What a country

On Independence Day, everything is booming

Subscriber onlyIt's almost the Fourth of July. Blown anything up yet? Continue reading...

The joys of children

Logistics challenges never fade

Subscriber onlyOnce, during a moment of frustration over the many challenges of child-rearing (say, any time in the mid-1980s to, oh, right now), I asked my dad if raising kids got any easier. Continue reading...

Commentary: Just smashing!

Garage door glitch turns into weighty situation

Subscriber onlyScience tells us the human brain is very much like a super computer. It can quickly recognize a situation, determine all the alternatives and filter all possible solutions before selecting the one that yields the best outcome. Continue reading...

Commentary: What's on the menu?

Did Fenugreek do battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Subscriber onlyFirst off, I need to make this clear: I wasn't raised on a farm. Continue reading...

Commentary: Animal attraction

Critter-car collisions cause common concerns

Subscriber onlyI may have discovered the biggest areas of distress newcomers to our region may experience while driving our byways and highways. Continue reading...

Commentary: Don't cross that line

Queueing up activates the mom gene

Subscriber onlyI'm certainly not a theological expert (and since when, in the current landscape, does not knowing anything about something mean you can't vigorously express an opinion about it?), but I have come to this conclusion: Hell isn't a place. It's a line on the way to a place. And you have to stand in it. Forever. Continue reading...

Commentary: Those poor alergy sufferers

Scratchy throat, watering eyes traced to other causes

Subscriber onlyWe need to make one thing perfectly clear here. I don't have allergies. Continue reading...

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