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Gary Smith: Aching for explanation

Strained knee and the mysteries of aging

Subscriber onlySo I may very well have reached a new high (or low, depending ... ) in the "so, you did what, exactly?" department. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: 'I'm not here, but ...'

The challenges, opportunities of out-of-office messaging

Subscriber onlyIf you work in an office large enough that you have to wonder if anyone is stealing the Swiss Roll out of your lunch in the communal refrigerator (and the answer is, "I have no idea what you're talking about, or where those crumbs on my shirt came from."), you know there's sort of an unwritten checklist you have to go through before you leave for any extended period of time. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Eclipsed by people watching

On-ground interactions more interesting than solar show

Subscriber onlyAs far as I'm concerned, most nature-themed events are somewhat oversold. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Escaping to baseball

Sport’s unpredictable nature still a draw

Subscriber onlyThe news cycle the last few weeks has been such that I feel the only way to observe it is through my eclipse glasses. Staring at it too long will burn my retina. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Scraping by

Life changes and the need for different tools

Subscriber onlyIn the long list of basically useless tools I've bought over the years, I may have topped myself over the weekend. I acquired a paint scraper. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Slice of life

Passing years brings less “pass the pizza”

Subscriber onlySince the beginning of time, Man has worked to develop various ways to measure, well ... time. There is a school of thought that Stonehenge is actually a giant calendar. (Those odd scratches on that column on the right? That's someone trying to remember his anniversary. And the blood stain next to it? Yeah, well, guess who forgot anyway.) Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Spinnin' wheel got to go round

Life pauses before a flurry of anticipated changes

Subscriber onlyMost of the time, tech works great for me. In fact, far better than you would expect, given my overwhelming lack of skill. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: To infinity ... and beyond

Knowing one’s limits isn’t the same as accepting them

Subscriber onlyI have an amazing ability: I know when to say when. The problem is, I can only exercise this superpower when I've already passed "when." Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Thanks for the memories

It’s just that sometimes, they’re hard to actually remember

Subscriber only"Remember that movie? You know, the one with the guy who looks like the guy who was in that TV show with the British girl except she didn't talk with a British accent? They were getting chased by that guy who was in the movie where he plays a lawyer who turns out to be a hit man or something, maybe a spy? We saw it on Netflix. Or maybe on demand. You know, that one ..." Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Prepping for The Big Day

Who knew father of groom had things to do?

Subscriber onlyIf I've learned anything over the years, it's that no matter how hard people try, no one is beating time and Mother Nature. And if I ever start to doubt that, the events of the last week reinforced my earlier belief. Continue reading...

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