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GARY SMITH: Technology pushes buttons

At ‘certain’ age, people just want things that work

Subscriber onlyThere is a belief commonly held by marketers and pollsters and people who study such things that those of us who are "of a certain age" are technology-averse. Continue reading...

GARY SMITH: Resisting the dark side

Lost power scares up tension at home

Subscriber onlyOne of the clichés that always gets tossed around in moments of stress is that there are no atheists in foxholes. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Tricks, treats and tactics

Getting the hang of Halloween takes time

Subscriber onlyOne of the beauties of Northwest Arkansas is that our diverse employment and education environment has generated an exceptionally diverse, well, Northwest Arkansas. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: The wait is long

This lobby leaves no room to relax

Subscriber onlyAs lobbies go, those of us left behind had few complaints. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Spicing things up

Spoiler alert: Flavored fall coffee not everyone’s cup of tea

Subscriber onlyIn the great Pumpkin Spice War currently being waged, I've decided to stay neutral. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Bugged by technology?

Fears over advances may not be necessary

Subscriber onlyHere are at least some of the things I'm not supposed to be worried about: Continue reading...

Gary Smith: In the know

Las Vegas shooting opens eyes to horrors, wonders

Subscriber onlyI don't want to know. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: A gripping account

Mousy adventures in canine-sitting

Subscriber onlySo, how exactly do you get a mouse out of a dog's mouth? Asking for a friend. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Aching for explanation

Strained knee and the mysteries of aging

Subscriber onlySo I may very well have reached a new high (or low, depending ... ) in the "so, you did what, exactly?" department. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: 'I'm not here, but ...'

The challenges, opportunities of out-of-office messaging

Subscriber onlyIf you work in an office large enough that you have to wonder if anyone is stealing the Swiss Roll out of your lunch in the communal refrigerator (and the answer is, "I have no idea what you're talking about, or where those crumbs on my shirt came from."), you know there's sort of an unwritten checklist you have to go through before you leave for any extended period of time. Continue reading...

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