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Gary Smith: Crisis of Faith (and Tim)

Visit to Nashville turns family into semi-stalkers

Subscriber onlyI spent the weekend stalking Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Find a way to win

If nothing else works, just give 110 percent

Subscriber onlyAfter much thought and review of the general mood of the nation, nay, the world, I've made a careful decision about how I'm going to proceed. I'm going to turn it up to 11. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Happily ever after

Why do kids want the same story over and over?

Subscriber onlyAs I have said before, I'm not sure it's a talent that will get me anywhere (except, perhaps, a headline gig at the library story time), but I can still recite, by heart, "Where the Wild Things Are." Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Life is scary enough

Who needs movies to put them on the edge of their seats?

Subscriber onlyWhen it comes to movies, the Lovely Mrs. Smith and I are prone to confirmation-hearing-like debates that end in about the same way current confirmation hearings are going: namely, I can fuss and fume and filibuster all day, but she's still going to get what she wants. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Lost and found

A shopping trip to pick up … wait, what?

Subscriber onlyI don't like to hunt for stuff. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Football fan, limited edition

Rain? Cold? Let’s call the whole thing off

Subscriber onlyA friend of mine who is normally pretty sane and stable (which doesn't explain our friendship, except that I lean heavily on the phrase "normally") called me up with a plan last week. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Life branches out

Change turns memories into cherished treasures

Subscriber onlyPeriodically, on the way home from work, I'll drive by a place where a tree used to be. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: What's ailin' ya?

Illness tends to start, end with dose of denial

Subscriber onlyI had a cold for Christmas. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Shopping, the natural way

Visit to store a different idea of what’s ‘fun’

Subscriber onlyThe holidays will take you to some strange places and have you doing some odd things you just never saw yourself doing. Christmas tree farms. Camel rides. Halfway up a chimney to prove it could, too, be done (bet with older brother, long story, maybe later). Continue reading...

Gary Smith: The show must go on

Kids’ Christmas programs a tradition of controlled chaos

Subscriber onlyJobs I never, under any circumstances, want: Continue reading...

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