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Gary Smith: To infinity ... and beyond

Knowing one’s limits isn’t the same as accepting them

Subscriber onlyI have an amazing ability: I know when to say when. The problem is, I can only exercise this superpower when I've already passed "when." Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Thanks for the memories

It’s just that sometimes, they’re hard to actually remember

Subscriber only"Remember that movie? You know, the one with the guy who looks like the guy who was in that TV show with the British girl except she didn't talk with a British accent? They were getting chased by that guy who was in the movie where he plays a lawyer who turns out to be a hit man or something, maybe a spy? We saw it on Netflix. Or maybe on demand. You know, that one ..." Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Prepping for The Big Day

Who knew father of groom had things to do?

Subscriber onlyIf I've learned anything over the years, it's that no matter how hard people try, no one is beating time and Mother Nature. And if I ever start to doubt that, the events of the last week reinforced my earlier belief. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Uneasy rider

Biking in NW Arkansas can be a wild experience

Subscriber onlyI think I've finally answered an age-old question. I know why the chicken crossed the road. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: A dose of "reality"

A TV show pitch: ‘Man vs. Mild: Northwest Arkansas’

Subscriber onlyIf, for some reason, my current gig doesn't work out, I'm thinking I've got a new career all lined up. I'm going to be a reality TV star. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: A near-poetic life

Deford’s sports writing explored sights, sounds, souls

Subscriber onlyIn the long list of bad things that happened over the past week, it's hard to say the passing of a retired writer had the most tragic implications. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Who's for dinner?

A food fight often isn’t worth the mess

Subscriber onlySome might say being married is just forever texting each other, "do we need anything from the store?" And that's not true. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Awash in stupid behaviors

Why does everyone want to think before leap?

Subscriber onlyThe other day, I was thinking about the dumb stuff I do. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Driven to get there

Region’s drivers employ own unique skills behind wheel

Subscriber onlyThrough an unusual combination of commerce, academia and sheer luck/pluck/determination/serendipity, our small corner of the region has developed into an odd little world unto itself, far removed from many of the concerns of surrounding communities. Continue reading...

Gary Smith: Speaking of change

Newly discovered lisp unworthy of effort to overcome it

Subscriber onlyI got a new pair of hearing aids the other day. Apparently, like hearing itself, aids don't get better with age. And, adding to the sense of urgency, I lost one of my old pair, so unless I wanted to spin around and around trying to get my "good" ear pointed toward the verbal action, getting a new set was pretty much a must. Continue reading...

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