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Commentary: Words of advice for the nongraduate

Words of advice for the nongraduate

Subscriber onlyAs parents, grandparents or anyone who knows one of the aforementioned know, it's graduation season. Right about now, all those people who put the milk in your grocery bag upside down on top of the eggs are about to be released into the world, where, in a few short years, they'll be your primary care physician. Pause and consider that for a moment. Continue reading...

Luke warm on spring

Season failing its reputation in Northwest Arkansas

Subscriber onlyI'm not much of an entrepreneur myself, but those I know contend one of the key components of any successful enterprise is that you should under-promise and over-deliver. Continue reading...

Commentary: Everyone has own version of moral high ground

Everyone has own version of moral high ground

Subscriber onlyI've figured out the secret here. Everyone should act just like me. Except when they shouldn't. Continue reading...

Commentary: Granddaughter revives repeat performances

Granddaughter revives repeat performances

Subscriber onlyOne of the strangest phenomena of childbirth is the tendency of new parents to act as if, and perhaps to even believe, their little one is the first child ever born. Continue reading...

Commentary: Half-marathon a challenge, but it's paid for

Half-marathon a challenge, but it’s paid for

Subscriber onlyRandom thoughts that occurred while slogging through the Bentonville Half-Marathon (because organized thoughts are a little hard to come by at about Mile 9): Continue reading...

Commentary: College tours can be unnerving for rookies

College tours can be unnerving for rookies

Subscriber onlyIf you didn't go to the beach or the slopes this spring break, chances are good you participated in one of the other rites of parenting, namely the college tour. That's the annual schlep to any and every institution of higher learning your offspring is interested in attending. Continue reading...

Commentary: Kids' taxes returns dad to rare form

Kids’ taxes returns dad to rare form

Subscriber onlyThe way I see it, most stuff fits fairly neatly into one of four areas. There's stuff I can and will do, like brushing my teeth. There's stuff I can do but won't, like changing the oil. There's stuff I can't do, but would like to, like running with the bulls (OK, maybe I wouldn't really like to do that quite as much as I think). Continue reading...

Commentary: Getting into the swing

McIlroy shows the average golfer how it’s done

Subscriber onlyA lot of really important, significant and scary things have been happening in the world lately, things that certainly require our attention and consideration. Continue reading...

Commentary: A new year, good or baaad

Subscriber onlyNot that this is exactly front-burner stuff, but thanks to several news organizations and John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight," I've discovered there appears to be some ambiguity about exactly what year this year actually is, at least in China. Continue reading...

Commentary: A glossary for winter

Seeking an improved (and caffeinated) life

Subscriber onlyRemember a few weeks ago when I was on my semi-annual rant about how much I hate winter and you were just shaking your head and muttering about what a softie I am? Continue reading...

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