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Commentary: What? When? Where? Why?

The wisdom of questions to extract vital information

Subscriber onlyOne of the most important skills you can pick up is the ability to ask questions. Continue reading...

Commentary: Because they're dads

They don’t always say it, but the signals are there

Subscriber onlyA friend of mine and I were talking at a charity function the other day when he told me that at a silent auction, he had once paid $75 for a basket of flashlights. Continue reading...

Commentary: Other people's children

Raising kids isn’t a spectator sport, but opinions abound

Subscriber onlyIf the recent terrible events at the Cincinnati Zoo are any indication, there is one unmitigated truth that is crystal clear to all: There are an awful lot of people who are, at least from a distance, pretty good at raising other folks' kids. Continue reading...

Commentary: New old territory

Can a passable dad be an outstanding grandfather?

Subscriber onlyWhile it's worth noting I may not be the best judge, I think I was sort of a pretty good dad. Continue reading...

Commentary: Up, down, all around

It’s amazing airplanes ever get off the ground

Subscriber onlyRandom thoughts on the nature of flying after a weekend spent traveling: Continue reading...

Commentary: Unpacking the packing process

Getting there’s easy; leaving is the hard part

Subscriber onlyAnyone driving past my house on any given weekend probably has one of three thoughts about what's going on just in front of my garage. Continue reading...

Commentary: Fatherly words of wisdom

Dads everywhere ask: Where do I find them?

Subscriber onlyI once read a study (OK, as I recall, a slow sports night) that found No. 2 on the list of peoples' greatest fears was death. Continue reading...

Commentary: The second wave

A rising tide lifts … all-new flooring, again

Subscriber onlyOnce upon a time, back when the world was a sunnier, happier place and I had no familiarity with the concept of mortgage interest deduction, the Lovely Mrs. Smith and I came to the conclusion we ought to buy a house. Continue reading...

Commentary: Eye-opening discoveries

Is it time for a war on loss of sleep?

Subscriber onlyIt's official: Sleep is the new macaron. Continue reading...

Commentary: Soft news

Human-mattress domino record no flop

Subscriber onlyI saw the other day that the record for the largest number of human mattress dominoes had, literally, fallen. Didn't even know there was such a thing, and now, not only do I know it exists, I know that the breaking of the record signifies a group of people has done it twice. Continue reading...

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