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Commentary: Tips for the nonshopper

Don’t be this Gary: How to avoid gift-giving disappointment

Subscriber onlyIf you're reading this, it means you've successfully survived thirds and even fourths of the candied yams and are well on your way to the next great event of the holidays -- Black Friday, the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season. Continue reading...

Commentary: A little help here, please

Journey to improvement not always on smooth road

Subscriber onlyI like to think of myself as a work in progress. Continue reading...

Commentary: A preemptive strike

Strength of ideas more important than stories of youth

Subscriber onlyI'd like to say there's about as much chance I'll run for public office as there is I'll take up helicopter skiing down the side of a live volcano, but that wouldn't be true. Continue reading...

By a whisker

Annual rite a celebration of doing nothing

Subscriber onlySo, the beard. Yeah, again. Continue reading...

Commentary: Whatever may come

Oklahomans know how to survive tough times

Subscriber onlyWe are often of time and place, the long years of our lives formed, perhaps unduly, by the briefest of moments, the almost imagined events of the past. Continue reading...

Commentary: Rules for adventure

Best tip for traveling is just to do it

Subscriber onlyLook, I know. You're a "do it yourself" kind of person. A trailblazer. Not for you the narrow constraints of the tour guide or the travel magazine. You know what you like and you don't need anyone telling you what to do. OK, maybe with the exception of that policeman. He gets to tell you what to do. But that kind of goes without saying. Continue reading...

Commentary: Not voluntarily

Recognizing when to say ‘I’m not your man’

Subscriber onlyThere's an old adage the wisdom of which I came to appreciate more than ever last weekend: You really do get what you pay for. Continue reading...

Commentary: Wishful thinking

With highway construction, there’s always a better way

Subscriber onlyI had a dream the other day. Continue reading...

Commentary: The person I hate

Experience a great teacher of patience, perspective

Subscriber onlyOnce upon a time, when I was younger and living the dream of being a sportswriter (if, by dream, you mean sitting in tiny, cramped press boxes, eating semi-cooked hotdogs and watching kids who couldn't find the strike zone with a GPS), I used to fly to cover Razorback football games. Continue reading...

Commentary: A fan of comfort

With time, definition of supporting team shifts

Subscriber onlyJust to give you an idea of how the football season is going for me ... Continue reading...

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