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MIKE MASTERSON: It happened again

Forgotten children

Subscriber onlyCan so many adults really that inattentive and irresponsible? Continue reading...

MIKE MASTERSON: Readers respond

The cost of drugs

Subscriber onlyI sure struck a major nerve the other day with my column about how much lower prescription prices run in Canada than here in the U.S. Continue reading...

MIKE MASTERSON: Introducing Elizabeth

To Crooked Creek

Subscriber onlyMost Arkansas communities have places close to the hearts and memories of those who live there. Since early childhood, mine has been Crooked Creek. Continue reading...

Transparency wins

'Undisputed' violation

Subscriber onlyScore a significant victory for the Fort Smith law firm that's been fighting one battle after another to ensure and preserve freedom of information and transparency in that community. Continue reading...

Prescribed problem

Cost disparity

Subscriber onlySomething's critically ill with a medical system that allows America's most popular prescription medications to cost her citizens many times more than just across the Canadian border, as well as other industrialized nations. Continue reading...

MIKE MASTERSON: Store stick-ups

A crime wave

Subscriber onlyPine Bluff's police have been hopping of late as they search for the armed bandit (or bandits) who've robbed at least five stores and tried to knock off another, all in fewer than six weeks. Five of those hold-ups reportedly have occurred over the past two weeks. Continue reading...

Academe, angels, athletes?

Defining Ecclesia

Subscriber onlyEcclesia College has stepped from obscurity into the public spotlight of late, raising relevant questions about that tiny Springdale institution. Continue reading...

Budget brouhaha

Now that's a blunder

Subscriber onlyThe late sportscaster Paul Eels might justifiably have shouted his familiar cry of "Oh my!" had he read what's been going on of late in the beleaguered government of little Cave Springs. Continue reading...

MIKE MASTERSON: Freedom of Information

Needing clarity

Subscriber onlyThe Arkansas Supreme Court has been asked to review an Arkansas Appeals Court decision that I believe carries ominous implications for the state's Freedom of Information Act. And unless it agrees to accept the review, the decision could virtually eliminate the legal eligibility of many citizens to even ask a court to enforce the law. Continue reading...

A motorist's story

Driving through Damascus

Subscriber onlyAlong with the millions of dollars in traffic fines collected over the years by cops in Damascus, Ark., to benefit their town's alleged lucrative speed trap come thousands of stories from those who've paid the notorious little burg along U.S. 65. Continue reading...

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