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Like a rolling stone

Unique solution to old problem

Subscriber onlyOur beagle, Charlie, has forced our hand. Lately, he has taken the art of breaking out of the backyard fence to a whole new level, so we had to get creative. Continue reading...

National Day After

Revelers need more time to recover from holiday

Subscriber onlyJuly 5 was National Graham Cracker Day. It was also National Bikini Day and National Apple Turnover Day. These days, there are "national days" for almost everything. For example, July 28 is "National Talk in an Elevator Day." Continue reading...

Camper's letter home

New pet turtle benefits from Googling, gift

Subscriber onlyI got a postcard in the mail today. It was from our 10-year-old daughter, Kate. Oddly enough, it was Kate who checked the mailbox on the day the postcard arrived. She'd written and mailed it from summer camp two weeks earlier. Continue reading...

Tech-saavy new woman moves in

Electronic device replacing wife

Subscriber onlyThere's another woman in my husband's life, and I'm the one who put her there. Continue reading...

Just plain wrong

Only one food fusion works for ’80s child

Subscriber onlyWhen it comes to what I eat, there's one rule I almost never break -- no food in my food. Simply put, it means I don't mix things. Gravy and mashed potatoes are about the only two substances I allow to co-mingle on a dinner plate. Continue reading...

Teenage tunnel

Patient mother waits on other side for child to grow

Subscriber onlyIt's happening. I've seen the symptoms before, so it's easier to diagnose it this time. And even though I know what it is, and I know it's not permanent, it's still unsettling. My kid -- my sweet, kind-hearted middle kid, who always loved a good hug and thought I was smart and funny -- has become a teenager. Continue reading...

Won't wear off

Couple faces sore spots

Subscriber onlyMost men don't fully understand this, but sometimes a woman walks into a room in her house and knows, with certainty, that something has GOT to change. It happened to me when I walked into the guest room and realized I was sick of the varying degrees of beige in there. It felt dull, lifeless. Continue reading...

Woman versus machines

Household electronics work only for males

Subscriber onlySometimes I yell at inanimate objects. Usually it's one of the electronics -- the printer, computer, television, garage door, microwave and even the remote control. And the question I yell most often is this: "Why do you hate me?" Continue reading...

Wonder not forever

Taking a swim on memory lane

Subscriber onlyI read a magazine article recently about a new type of portable pool you can install in the back of a truck. It's called a "Pick-Up Pool," and it looks like a sleeker version of a waterproof mattress cover to fit perfectly in the back of a pickup truck. I can't wait to show the article to my dad, who was apparently way ahead of his time when, in the late 1970s, he turned his new dump truck into a swimming pool in our backyard. Continue reading...

Shopping cart envy: At least we have s'mores

Subscriber onlyI went to Wal-Mart yesterday while the kids were at school and glanced longingly over at the new, fun-size shopping carts lined up outside the automatic doors. Have you seen them yet? They're about half the size of the regular carts, and each has an upper and lower deck. Continue reading...

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