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The Rockwood Files: Tummy Time

The struggle is real

Subscriber onlyWhen you bring a baby home from the hospital, all the baby books say you should do something called "tummy time." It means you should let the baby spend a little time on his tummy when he's awake. Tummy time helps the baby strengthen the muscles in his neck, shoulders and upper body -- muscles he'll use to sit up on his own one day. There's only one problem with tummy time: Babies hate it. Continue reading...

Long winter's nap: Columnist dares to dream

Columnist dares to dream

Subscriber onlyI did something the other day I'm not proud of. I'd just come home from taking the kids to school on one of the coldest mornings of the year. Raindrops from the night before had frozen in mid-drip off the patio table. The sun had called in sick, leaving behind a bleak, gray sky, and the piercing cold seeped directly into my bones. I couldn't shake it. Continue reading...

The Rockwood Files: Down with brown

New color prompts big project

Subscriber onlyAll I wanted was a new paint color. That's it. But that one little wish pushed over the first domino in a long line of chore-related dominoes that landed me neck-deep in paperwork. Continue reading...

Sudsy trip back in time -- cable not required

No cable required

Subscriber onlyAs appliances are known to do, my dishwasher quit working on a holiday. Maybe it decided that humans aren't the only ones who need a few days off work. It ran its last load of dirty dishes on the last day of the year and rang in the New Year by leaking water all over the kitchen floor. Continue reading...

Resolution resentment: Three prayers for the new year

Three prayers for the new year

Subscriber onlySomething about New Year's resolutions has always stirred up a stubborn resentment in me. My inner toddler stomps her feet and yells, "No! I won't do it." Continue reading...

Dear senior citizens

What they never told you about the golden years

Subscriber onlyDear Senior Citizens, Those of us in the insurance industry, along with the oh-so-helpful people in the federal and state government, would like to welcome you to this exciting time of life. Congratulations on the wisdom you've gained through your vast life experiences. Continue reading...

Christmas list inflation: When kids and pricetags grow

When kids and pricetags grow

Subscriber onlyChristmas used to be simpler. I'm not talking about way back when people roasted chestnuts and used flip phones. I'm talking about eight or so years ago, when our three kids were little. Continue reading...

A few of my favorite things

Personal lyrics provide perspective for Christmas rush

Subscriber onlyI love the week after Thanksgiving. We're still fat and happy from an inappropriately sized meal, and it's not close enough to Christmas to start panicking about getting everything done in time. But once that week has passed, the Christmas crunch begins and it feels like a mad dash toward the end of the year. Continue reading...

Thank you -- it's as simple as that

It’s as simple as that

Subscriber onlyI glanced around my office this morning and realized that, if I have a decorating motif in this messy place, it must revolve around words. They're everywhere. Continue reading...

Rockwood Files: Up against the wall

Road construction offers life lesson

Subscriber onlyThe interstate that connects my town to neighboring cities is under construction. It's going from two lanes to a much-needed three. But during the road's growing pains, construction workers have erected a concrete wall that runs along the left-hand side of the road, right next to the yellow boundary line. And that wall? It scares me. Continue reading...

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