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The Rockwood Files: A vacation unicorn

What a wild ride when lines short

Subscriber onlyIt happened -- the rarest of family vacation experiences. It has never happened before and may never happen again, which is why I must document it here for the sake of posterity and to give parents everywhere hope that it's possible. Continue reading...

Boots the Beloved

This is where the love goes

Subscriber onlyI don't believe in reincarnation, but, if I did, I'd want to come back as my parents' dog. Continue reading...

Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you

Every move you make, I’ll be watching you

Subscriber onlyBack in May, I dropped a hint to Tom and the kids that I'd like a new Fitbit activity tracker for Mother's Day. It's part wrist-watch and part step-counter. It even syncs up to my iPhone and vibrates on my wrist if I have an incoming phone call, text or a calendar reminder. Continue reading...

Book bliss

Silent ride home brings realization

Subscriber onlyJust when I thought the machines had truly taken over, and that kids’ attention spans had shrunk down to the time it takes to download an app, something wonderful happened. Continue reading...

The Rockwood Files: Mother struggles to answer kids' question

Mother struggles to answer the kids’ question

Subscriber onlyDear Kids, You asked me the other day what I thought of the stuff we see on the news about the presidential race. As someone who makes a living with words, this is hard for me to say: I just don't know. This time around, the words fail me. Continue reading...

The Rockwood Files: Absence makes heart grow fonder

Absence makes heart grow fonder

Subscriber onlyLast night I slept better than I have in a week. There was no sleeping pill involved. No meditation. No hot bubble bath or glass of wine. All I needed was the peace of knowing my ducklings are back home where they belong. Continue reading...

Skip the new car, keep the house cleaners

Skip the new car, keep the house cleaners

Subscriber onlyTomorrow will be a good day. Because by early afternoon, the kitchen and bathroom counters will be clean, the floors shiny and there'll be fresh vacuum cleaner tracks throughout the house. Every other Wednesday by 2 p.m., life is good and orderly and smells like lemons. It's wonderful. Continue reading...

The royal we: Queen of the castle explains pronoun usage

Queen of the castle explains pronoun usage

Subscriber onlyAfter you become part of a couple or get married, "you" become a "we," and "we" is a powerful pronoun. Continue reading...

Rockwood Files: Mom grapples with the literal part of growing 'up'

Mom grapples with the literal part of growing ‘up’

Subscriber onlyFor months now, 14-year-old Adam has been asking: "How about now?" Continue reading...

How to Talk to Women, 101

Not what you say, but how you say it

Subscriber onlyWe women have an obligation to the young men in our lives. We must teach them how to keep their manly feet out of their big mouths while talking to women. Continue reading...

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