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Child of the 80s reunites with favorite

Child of the 80s reunites with favorite

Subscriber onlyI walked into a children's museum recently and saw something that made me instantly happy. On one wall was a giant version of one of the best toys of all time -- the Lite-Brite. I rushed over to pick up a giant plastic peg, put it into one of the round holes on the black wall and watched it light up in a brilliant red. "Yes!" I said as I stood back to marvel at the sheer size of it. I was suddenly awash in every good childhood memory from the 1980s. Continue reading...

The face of diversity

Acne attacks

Subscriber onlyTeenagers have it rough. Sometimes I tell our teenager that, even though I'm a couple decades past that phase of my life, I remember it well -- especially the acne. Continue reading...

Procrastinate like a professional

In three easy yet excruciating steps

Subscriber onlyLet's just call it what it is. You're putting it off. Avoiding. Dodging. Hiding. Running. It has many names, but the most popular one -- procrastination -- makes it sound fancier than it deserves. Continue reading...

What's for dinner?

They’ll have two of everything

Subscriber onlyThere's one question that haunts me. I can't shake it. No matter how many times I answer, it comes back for more, more, more: "What's for dinner?" Continue reading...

Under construction

Pardon mess while we make things better

Subscriber onlyWhen I turn out of my neighborhood and get to the first stoplight, I have to choose. Continue reading...

Household memo: Regarding the logistics of dirty dishes

Regarding the logistics of dirty dishes

Subscriber onlyTo Whom It May Concern (and you know who you are): Continue reading...

Is shopper clueless or chronic?

Is shopper clueless or chronic?

Subscriber onlyGenerally speaking, I enjoy grocery shopping -- the piles of fresh produce, the seasonal displays, the cute helium balloons tied to the check-out lanes. Continue reading...

10 things I'd tell my teenage self

10 things I’d tell my teenage self

Subscriber onlySometimes when I look at my 14-year-old son and his 12-year-old brother -- the one speeding down the on-ramp to join his brother in the teenage years -- I think they're pretty brave. We grown-ups like to moan and groan about how tough it is here in the real world -- and it is -- but we forget sometimes that being a teenager isn't exactly a walk in the park either. Continue reading...

Summer bummer

Early advertising is unwelcome reminder

Subscriber onlyI wouldn't say this directly to my kids because they might take it the wrong way. But here's the truth: Back-to-school time makes me happy. Continue reading...

Figuring it out

What should I be when I grow up?

Subscriber onlyOne of the things I hear my kids worrying about far too often is this: What should I be when I grow up? Kids who don't even have driver's licenses are feeling stressed about what will one day be on their business cards. Continue reading...

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