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Rockwood Files: Up against the wall

Road construction offers life lesson

Subscriber onlyThe interstate that connects my town to neighboring cities is under construction. It's going from two lanes to a much-needed three. But during the road's growing pains, construction workers have erected a concrete wall that runs along the left-hand side of the road, right next to the yellow boundary line. And that wall? It scares me. Continue reading...

Window of opportunity: To cut or not to cut? That is the question

To cut or not to cut? That is the question

Subscriber onlyOnce every six weeks or so, a woman has a certain window of opportunity that makes her feel as if she's on the verge of greatness -- like anything could happen. The window opens about 10 minutes before a haircut appointment. And for those 10 minutes, we women flirt with the idea of doing something crazy. Continue reading...

Top three: Mother shares her research on parental behavior

Mother shares her research on parental behavior

Subscriber onlyToday, I'm sharing important research I've compiled here in the parenting trenches that might help my fellow parents gain more insight into why we're so annoying. Continue reading...

Thoughts on waking (in five-minute intervals)

Morning people just won’t understand

Subscriber onlyNo ... no, no, no. What is that awful sound? Oh, I hate that sound. Why did I pick that sound for my iPhone alarm app? I'm definitely changing that sound option later today. The "crystals" alarm tone sounded so pretty when I chose it, but clearly, I was deluded. Crystals are bad. I hate them. Go away, crystals. I'll get up in five minutes. (Tap to snooze.) Continue reading...

Pass the superpowers, please

Mom imagines a different world

Subscriber onlySuperheroes are hot right now. They score big at the box office. They're piling up on prime time TV, and you'll see plenty of little caped crusaders ringing your doorbell this Halloween. (It's common knowledge that superheroes need Skittles and Snickers to fuel their superpowers.) Continue reading...

Coming home to joy

Mom shares lessons about tidying up

Subscriber onlyThe only thing worse than the end of a vacation is coming home to a messy house. That’s why I consistently frustrate Tom and the kids each year when I refuse to leave for vacation without all of us pitching in to straighten up the house first. Continue reading...

On the road again

‘Call me during your layover’

Subscriber onlyWell, that was a first. I just finished a conversation with my husband and there was 30,000 feet of vertical space between us at the time. Using the plane's Wi-Fi connection -- which they charge you for, of course -- he texted me from a flight headed for... somewhere. He probably told me, but I've already forgotten. Chicago? D.C.? It might be one of those. At some point, all the itineraries start to blur together. Continue reading...

No mood for rude

Writer faces an internal struggle

Subscriber onlyPeople are rude. Continue reading...

Calendar doesn't lie

Show me your appointments, I’ll show you mine

Subscriber onlyI typed the appointment time into my smartphone calendar app and then frowned down at the glowing screen. I was beginning to see a pattern, and I didn't like it. Continue reading...

Letter to summer

Writer welcomes lazy times with old friend

Subscriber onlyOh summer, where have you been? There were moments during this winter's bitter chills and this spring's rainy season when I thought you might never return. The days dragged on, and we saw only a glimpse of sun here and there, just enough to keep us hoping that maybe one day you'd show up to stay. Today seems to be that day. Continue reading...

Valentines yet to come

Mother sends a love letter into the future

Dear Future Daughters-in-law and Son-in-law, Continue reading...

Brace yourself

Mom goes mental over dental dilemma

This week, after taking the second of my three kids to a consultation appointment at the orthodontist's office, I saw the reality of our situation in black, white and shades of gray when the doctor put two X-rays on the computer screen side by side. Continue reading...

Epic fail in the toy aisle

Writer wishes she was making this ‘stuff’ up

Subscriber onlyMy favorite humor writer, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry, is famous for the line "I am not making this up." He uses it when writing about things that are so absurd that any sane person would assume he's taking creative liberties with his description when, in fact, the description happens to be ridiculous AND true. I thought of Dave's famous line when my daughter spotted a toy recently and brought it over to the shopping cart to show me. Continue reading...

Complete in triplicate

Forms, forms, forms turn moms in to personal assistants

Subscriber onlyFor years, mothers have been expected to wear several hats to get the job done -- cook, nurse, teacher, chauffeur, psychologist, housekeeper, event coordinator and detective. But I had no idea that "administrative assistant" would become such a big part of what I do each week. Continue reading...

My sweet addiction

Dieter goes head to head with sugar sabotage

Subscriber onlyIf you'd asked me a few months ago if I'm the kind of person who loves sweets, I'd have said no. And even though I didn't know it at the time, that response would have been a big ol' lie. Continue reading...

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