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Letters to the editor

February 23, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Proposal by Democrat promotes, codifies hate

It's hard to imagine a more vindictive, more immoral, more hate-driven group than Marxists with power, but here they are, the ruling class in Washington, D.C.

California Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez has introduced a bill to deprive President Trump of the typical honors of every former president. Her bill, HR 484, called the "No Glory for Hate Act," seeks to deprive the former president from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery or to have any kind of memorials erected in his honor. Like most bills promoted by leftists, the titles they assign are the exact opposite of what they say. "No Glory for Hate" exemplifies, codifies and memorializes their hate.

Democrats think that, if they can just erase enough of Donald Trump in the future, they can wipe away his past. Sound familiar? It should. Once again, George Orwell gave us a window on tactics the left uses to consolidate and cement power in their hands only: "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

Evidence and truth are irrelevant. They are replaceable. Commentator Tammy Bruce notes, "The people controlling the narrative at this point are determined to cast everything in America's history, much of which has been difficult, as bad." The "Marxist dynamic," she said, is not to have a conversation that includes the greater American community, but is about "erasing our past in its entirety." Bruce said the push to remove statues is about "condemning" the United States with "no room for forgiveness."

Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret police in the Soviet Union, once said, "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime." Create a dossier or an impeachable phone-call. Whatever works. Evidence is irrelevant.

These are perilous times for truth. In Biden's America, everyone is entitled to "their truth," whatever the hell that means. Free speech is now hate speech. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. Just ask a Democrat.

Ken Fendler

Bella Vista

Some city leaders hold to New Urbanism faith

Fayetteville City Council member Matthew Petty and his followers believe in the evangelical religion of New Urbanism. The principles sound good, but in actuality, New Urbanism has failed in numerous places. There are articles that talk about its failures. Just search Google for it. Unfortunately, many of our city officials are converts. Many developers and big money people are New Urbanists as well. But, like some fundamentalist religions, the practice of New Urbanism turns out to be unloving. It is unloving toward the residents in existing neighborhoods, which make up the vast majority of Fayetteville.

For example, the city allowing developers to deforest, the city upzoning properties within or beside a neighborhood that wants to remain low density, the city adding traffic volume to neighborhoods, the city allowing gentrification, the city favoring developers over residents, and the city allowing development that harms our watersheds, lakes, and creeks, all in the name of New Urbanism.

What is your vision for Fayetteville? New Urbanism or a loving community?

Lisa Orton



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