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NWA Letters to the Editor

by Heidi Wells | October 28, 2020 at 1:00 a.m.

Jenkins learns from error,

deserves re-election as JP

Have you ever made a terrible mistake at work that embarrassed you badly?

Then you had to go back to work?

Andrea Jenkins, Washington County justice of the peace, knows how it feels, set on 10.

After a long evening relaxing on her deck, Andrea received a call that her son had been in an auto crash. The car was totaled. He didn’t have the insurance papers. Mom (with a couple of glasses of wine in her system) went to the rescue. Mom went to jail. A bad mistake by a good person. A mom’s love for her teen motivated a thoughtless moment.

If anybody knows anything at all about Andrea, they know she is plenty smart. Because she is smart, she has learned, painfully, from this mistake, and will continue to learn.

Like a protective self-sacrificing mom, she has fought tirelessly to rescue the rural communities of Washington County from the strip-miners who were intent on destroying our peace, health and neighborhoods. Andrea is probably the best listener of any public figure I know.

I pray the citizens of Washington County JP District 10 will re-elect Andrea Jenkins. If you don’t live in her district, I hope you will encourage her constituents to give her their support.

Andrea fights for you! We need Andrea.



The president, wrapped

up in just a few words

Back on March 13, Trump said, “I don’t take responsibility at all” when asked about the outbreak of the new coronavirus, now known as covid-19.

Think about that for the moment. A United States president who stands before the American people and refused to take responsibility to lead. To act. To offer hope and compassion. Nothing.

Those six words are all you need to know about Trump.



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