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Can nation keep going under isolation orders?

No doubt the coronavirus has turned our world upside down, and that's no exaggeration.

I know no one who has coronavirus. So, I write from a purely ivory tower perspective. I continue to respect those who have lost loved ones, our health care workers and our society, in general, who support the new protocols.

And here's the big "but" ...

I'm with those thousands in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states who are protesting the fear-inducing inactivity that has enveloped our government leaders, our business world, the media and ourselves.

• In 2018, 80,000 Americans died from the flu (AP, September 2018).

• Every day in America, more than 7,000 people die from a variety of causes (IndexMundi blog, March 2018)

• Social isolation is linked to poorer health and higher levels of inflammation (ScienceAlert, March 2020)

First, what ridiculous precedents have we started? No doubt, there will be a flu bug next year, and people will die. What will we do about that, close up the world and industry every March through May?

Second, what do we do about the 647,000 people who die each year from the No. 1 killer, heart disease? According to Google, 1.25 million people die annually from car accidents. Do we ban everyone from driving a motorized vehicle?

Third, how can we logically continue to operate under isolation? Have you noticed that the 6-feet apart mandate is impossible whether shopping at Lowe's or strolling on walking trails?

I hear of employees returning to work yet still wearing masks. Why not just stay home? And what about pushing elevator buttons and opening doors to restrooms? Some health experts tell us that isolation prevents our immune systems from doing what they do best, fighting virus' and keeping us healthy.

In today's coronavirus world, I can't do something healthy for my body as the local tennis courts were locked, but I can sure smoke a cigarette, like the man who conveniently had his mask pulled down around his neck.

A pastor reminded me that in the face of risking his life to go buy toilet paper (exact words), God is with us in our going out. Yes, God is certainly with us, but when did we become so pathetically weak?

Are our relatives going off to war as my dad and brothers did years ago with the risk of coming back in a box? I agree that we all need to give ourselves the grace to be anxious. It's an anxious time, especially as this continues to drag on. But let's stop dragging this on.

Even as we go through these phased-in approaches to get back to life, others will contract coronavirus. But we must get back to life! Millions of the unemployed and businesses around the world are begging us to get our world working again.

Isn't it time that our country and world get back to business? With 39 million people applying for unemployment and suicides skyrocketing, can we afford to wait another day?

Mike Ferraguti


Commentary on 05/23/2020

Print Headline: Letters to the editor

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