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City worked tirelessly for parking solutions

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor describing a chaotic parking problem that was overwhelming the Wilson Park south neighborhood. Now I want to very happily follow up and say that with the city's help, that problem has been resolved.

As we all looked for solutions to the problem, the challenge was to balance the parking needs of our growing community with our fervent hope to preserve the residential nature of the Wilson Park neighborhood. After many neighborhood meetings and many city meetings, we have finally arrived at a solution we have confidence in.

Basically, calmness and order will be restored in our neighborhood, parking for residents will be guaranteed, and there will also be a mix of residential and mixed-use parking put in place. Of course, there are many crucial details involved in that plan, and the City Council members and parking staff have been endlessly patient and respectful as we laboriously worked those details out. Justin Clay of the parking department did an amazing job of collecting data and analyzing that data with both our needs and the community's needs in mind. The City Council members, the ordinance committee members and the mayor listened, cared and gave us all the dialogue opportunities that we needed. They did not seem to begrudge any of the long time it took to assuage our worries and questions. As a result we have a good plan and we are happy with the fine print, too. It's a good solution.

I for one -- and I know I speak for my neighbors as well -- want to express my great appreciation for the respect we felt and the patience and professionalism that were displayed. It gives me great hope for the future of our growing city.

Fayetteville -- what a wonderful place.

Barbara Dillon


Rapid vote turnaround unfair to land owners

The most recent Bella Vista Property Owners Association vote on an assessment increase failed. The board's response? Immediately schedule yet another vote, this time excusing non-resident property owners from any increase, while increasing what will be required of resident owners to $13 a month (in addition to the $24 a month we pay already).

The justification for this is, according to Chief Operating Officer Tom Judson: "We know unimproved property owners live too far away to enjoy the use of our wonderful amenities." Well, except for those locals who own lots in order to have access to the amenities, and other locals who choose to buy the lots next to the ones where their homes are built. And I fail to see how that justifies asking still more of those of us who live on our property.

Here is what others of us know: In recent years, some POA amenities were, without a vote of the membership, opened by the board to non-members. While they did pay use fees, they did not pay the other costs regularly borne by members.

The board, also without a vote of the membership, gave away the use of our common property for bike trails on the west side. While we, as resident property owners, are required to pay dues, photo ID costs and sticker costs just to use our kayaks on the lake near our home, the non-member cyclists who use the trails that go right through our neighborhood will pay nothing. And not only do we get asked for more money, we effectively get told our last vote did not count at all, because we voted no.

And will again.

Linda Largent

Bella Vista

Commentary on 12/03/2019

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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