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Why people like Trump: He's the average American

Why does President Donald Trump continue to command such strong support within his base when the things that he does upset so many others?

Because, even though he is a New York billionaire businessman, he talks and acts like many Americans, and his views resonate with them.

In what way?

• People are tired of too much government, its bureaucracy and over regulation.

• They feel ignored/left out by their representatives and government programs

• Folks believe America is being taken advantage of/pushed around by other nations.

• Trump supporters are convinced that their rights are being eroded, and they are not being treated fairly.

• His positions on certain issues mirror their own, i.e., abortion, guns, conservative judges, taxes, immigration, welfare, and the military.

• He talks like they do: shoots from the lip, just reacting to something that makes him mad or upsets him, calling people out ... and he makes mistakes just like we all do.

• He doesn't care about how people feel about his views or how he says them; they can just lump it.

Trump voters may not like all that he does, but he was better than the alternative. And, he says that only he can fix it. So, to only belittle Trump -- without proposing serious alternatives that cover the above things -- is risky business. Just ask the other 16 Republican primary candidates or Hillary.

Greg Moore

Holiday Island

Damage from Trump

will take years to fix

The daily melodrama at the White House West Wing is designed to distract our citizens and especially the media from the real and perhaps lasting damage President Donald Trump is doing to the Executive Branch of our government, whose constitutional mission is to provide services and protection to the citizens of this country. His policy is to appoint heads of the departments like HUD, State, Education, Energy and Labor who are either incompetent or simply dedicated to the destruction of the departments they are missioned to lead. Some of these appointments are so bad that even the Republican Congress blanches.

These destructive "leaders'" only instruction by Trump is to emasculate the department's ability to provide the much-needed services and protections for the American people. Every day it becomes clearer that Trump cares not one inch for the citizens of this country, including those who voted him, but only cares for his destructive goals and getting his name in the media daily no matter how base his actions.

It will take a long time after he has gone to recruit back the dedicated professionals who have left the government, the ones who can put right what this man/boy and his henchmen have done to destroy this American republic.

I challenge the press and the American people to ignore his daily dog and pony show of the meaningless revolving door of the West Wing White House and his ridiculous daily mouthings and expose the real damage this man is doing to the infrastructure of this country.

My hope is that it is not already too late.

Tom Clark


Commentary on 03/20/2018

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