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Let investigation work

If the president is innocent of any suggestion that he colluded with Russia, why not let the investigation work in his favor to prove his innocence? He has been protesting from the beginning, and being proactive in trying to stop the investigation. It is clear to me that he forced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to resign. It is also clear that he wants to purge from the FBI anyone operating independently of his desires. Now it seems he has collaborated with Republicans to release a classified memo that purports to attack the FBI. The FBI and the Department of Justice are the people's last defense against crooked government. The FBI answers to the DOJ, not to the president.

We know how much President Trump admires the dictator style of Vladimir Putin. Could it be that our president wants to rule the USA the way Putin rules Russia? Unchallenged, operating with free rein, using fear to promote his needs. Is this what Republicans want? How can anyone with a jot of a moral compass justify this madness?


Hot Springs Village

Partisanship divides

The problem with politics is politics. We have gotten so used to political parties concentrating on a few "key" issues that many voters no longer notice Washington is ignoring the true purposes of government. The constitutional mandates to "insure domestic tranquility" and "promote the general welfare" are being trampled in Washington's rush to pursue economic issues which further enrich greedy politicians, the super-rich and corporate interests.

The most horrendous aspects of current politics are the rampant divisiveness of government leaders and their use of skillful framing of dialogue to convince many Americans to cast votes which are not in their best interests. Tactics of constant insults and playing fast and loose with truth are being employed by both state and national elected officials. They have diverted attention from actual problems of poverty, infrastructure deficiencies, health care and environmental degradation. Seizing on and exploiting bigotry and dishonest portrayal of others, they have been successful at power-grabbing and further realization of partisan goals.

The exploitation of Mexican and Central American immigrants and their children is particularly odious. Immigrants have long been allowed into many states north of the border, including Arkansas. For years, they have come and accepted low wages, worked hard in many different occupations here, often being cheated by unscrupulous employers, and have contributed much to American life. Why did they come to America? Often to escape corruption in their own country, or to escape dangerous criminals who were engaged in supplying drugs to dealers and users in our country. They are now being threatened with expulsion of their children who are trying to improve their lives through education. The immorality of this process is unbelievable, given that this is America, which historically has been a country of immigrants.



Of highest character

Oh, how I wish I had a president of the highest, most impeccable character. One who lived faithfully with his first wife, was truly a pious and humble believer in the deity, with a sterling reputation for honesty, steadfastly dedicated to his principles, and constantly mindful that his every word, every action, every deed reflected on the nation as whole, and therefore measured and carefully deliberate in all his pronouncements and public actions.

Such was the example set by George Washington, still head and shoulders the greatest president we have ever had. Alas, George was not on the ballot last time.

Nonetheless, I rise every morning and thank God Almighty that we do have a president who is more attuned to the teachings of Adam Smith than Saul Alinsky, one who does not think our Constitution an impediment to his plans to fundamentally change America forever, who places the interests of American citizens over those of illegal invaders or anti-American international bodies, one who has not received hundreds of millions to give foreign dictators the ability to kill our families, one who will give us judges that actually will follow the Constitution, and reduce rather than grow the size of our leviathan bureaucracy. Perhaps most of all I thank God I don't have a president who weaponizes the IRS and the FBI as instruments of protection for his friends and destruction for his enemies.

Congratulations, Democrats! I used to detest Donald Trump, but the more you hate him and use dishonesty to try to undo the last election, the more you make me like him.


Little Rock

Speak for the disabled

The opioid crisis has two sides: those who abuse, and those who live in chronic pain. Chronic pain patients and their doctors now have more difficulty dealing with disease and injury involving chronic pain. New laws have made it difficult and in some cases impossible for the disabled to get the pain meds they must have. Millions of Americans who live in chronic pain need the media to speak for them, to remind the politicians and lawmakers that they cannot survive without adequate pain management. Please be that voice for the disabled in Arkansas.


Little Rock

Expand on that idea

I see that our junior senator has introduced the Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act (S2353) to require the Secretary of the Treasury to report on the estimated total assets under direct or indirect control by 21 senior Iranian leaders identified by title.

I suggest he introduce the USA Leadership Asset Transparency Act, to require the same information on, for instance, our president.



Editorial on 02/06/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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