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Left-wingers’ wrong ideas will do damage to nation

America — the greatest nation on earth where freedom and capitalism draw millions from around the world. We have become the most prosperous society the world has ever seen, where even our poor enjoy a higher standard of living than most of those who live under socialist regimes. People wait in line from around the world to come here. But there is a change in the air as left-wing groups join up with a mainstream political party and demand an end to our way of life.

Socialism is on the rise among political activists, the entertainment industry, academia and young people. The leftists have joined forces with the Democratic party and are demanding increasing roles in governance. The new left not only wants to destroy capitalism, it wants to destroy the social fabric of America. The only good news is that, if they succeed, we won’t have to worry much about our borders. People will no longer clamor to enter our country, and most will look for a way out.

Today’s socialists are an easy sell to young people as they promise tolerance, open borders, diversity and inclusiveness. They believe that ridding us of sexual, cultural and religious distinctions will be a great advance for humankind. They have already weakened family ties and religious community and incited protests and riots to shut down the free speech of those who disagree with them. The media seems to be partnering with them as they turn a blind eye to much of the violence perpetrated by left wing groups.

The new left is not only determined to destroy our financial system; they want to gut our social fabric and spiritual freedom. The elites today support gender by personal choice rather than by scientific explanation. Anyone can wake up tomorrow and decide that he is transgender, cisgender, intergender or a host of other weird designations. I disagree, so I will surely be labeled a bigot or a fascist.

If I openly support our president or a Republican politician, I will probably be labeled a racist or a fascist. If I took a stand against Antifa or other violent groups in our streets and on our campuses, I would definitely be called a racist and fascist.

There is no longer a single truth about anything. The left believes everyone has his or her own truth. Right can be wrong and wrong can be right in today’s world. If you don’t believe me, just read your local newspaper or listen closely to the nightly news.

Today’s democratic party, the media and Hollywood are trying to sell us a “Brave New World” and I am hopeful that most Americans are not buying it.

If this gets published, I would like to add that I am hoping for a white Christmas. Hopefully, somebody will not call me a racist for that.


Bella Vista

‘Who’s she’ jeer playful,

still ought to be shelved

With a promising start to the Razorback basketball season, I am as eager as ever to cheer on our team to many victories. This past Saturday we had just settled into our seats when the lights turned off and we immediately jumped to our feet to get ready to cheer. As expected, Florida International’s players were announced first and our fans began to zealously respond to their names using signs from The Trough to prompt the arena to shout after each name. I shouted along with the crowd: “Who cares,” “What’s that smell,” and “He’s cute.” It was good spirited teasing to get under the skin of the other team.

But, the next sign gave me pause. I saw, “Who’s she?” written on a sign when it was lifted in the air. I stopped shouting. I felt a little odd pointing out to my male friends that the sign seemed derogatory to women. But, I couldn’t help it. For many, this little sign probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but, when you consider how many voices shout it together in the arena, see it on television and/or hear it on the radio, that little sign suddenly has a lot more power. Doesn’t it continue a narrative that women and girls are less athletic than men? Doesn’t it continue a narrative that we shouldn’t pay attention to this person’s ability because it’s a “she” and not “he?” I understand the sign was likely not deliberately intended to be offensive in this manner, but I wouldn’t shout the words. I hope others joined with me in silence.

Let’s retire the “Who’s she?” sign so that young girls aspiring to be basketball players or athletes will know they are as deserving to be on the court as anyone. Let’s retire the “Who’s she?” sign in The Trough, so that all voices can proudly shout together to support our Hogs this season.



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