LISTEN: Exclusive interviews with 'The Band's Visit' stars Usman Ali Mughal and Yaya

Rom Barkhordar is Tewfiq, and Yael “Yaya” Reich is Dina in the TheatreSquared production of “The Bands Visit.” “The time in the play spans only 12 hours, and in that time, there are real human connections happening,” Barkhordar says. “Love, reconciliation, desire, lust, wanting, giving, celebration and longing, to name a few. Its condensed and intense. And music is the thread that ties it all together cohesively.” (Courtesy Photo/Wesley Hitt for T2)


Arts & Entertainment Editor Becca Martin-Brown chats with two of the actors in Northwest Arkansas for the regional premiere of "The Band's Visit" at TheatreSquared. Usman Ali Mughal plays Haled, a member of an Egyptian traveling band, and Yaya — yes, just Yaya — is the Israeli who welcomes the travelers into town. The show has its final performances Nov. 3, 4 and 5.