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Commission strikes deal on upkeep of ASU land

by The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | July 22, 2021 at 3:19 a.m.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will help in the management and protection of birds, fish, game and other wildlife resources on a 160-acre tract of land owned by Arkansas State University-Beebe.

The Arkansas State University System board of trustees -- the governing body of the system -- agreed on Wednesday to enter into an agreement with the Game and Fish Commission.

ASU-Beebe and the commission jointly sought the agreement. Land management includes timber harvesting, signs, and overall control and maintenance. Under the agreement, the commission will handle the costs of its management work.

The land borders the northwestern part of the Cypress Bayou Wildlife Management Area, which is already managed by the commission.

The commission approved the 10-year agreement on June 17.

The ASU trustees met Wednesday in Newport.

According to a document, a forest management plan would be developed. It would include a timber inventory; a detailed stand delineation map to identify where everything is growing, and to identify any special areas and/or endangered or invasive species; and a data analysis to determine volumes and basal area of each individual species that is growing on the property.

• A forestry prescription by a habitat biologist with data collected and the prescription sent to the chancellor of ASU-Beebe for approval. Once the prescription is approved, ASU or the Game and Fish Commission would move forward with contracting out the treatment actions, with all net proceeds going to ASU.

• Annual maintenance activities, including yearly boundary inspection and marking, information sign inspection and replacement, and any necessary access maintenance. Drainage systems would be maintained to ensure natural flow of water.

• Hunting opportunities and bag limits for this property will be managed to coincide with the current regulations and season structures that are approved by the commission for Cypress Bayou area.

Print Headline: Commission strikes deal on upkeep of ASU land


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