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• Manuel Flores, 43, of El Paso, Texas, who pleaded guilty to posting a video on social media in which he displays an AR-15-style rifle and threatens to kill Black Lives Matter protesters, was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison, prosecutors said.

• Edgar Ventura, 22, of Portland, Ore., accused of firearms and probation violations and one of six inmates who used a homemade rope to escape from a county jail in Merced, Calif., was "apprehended without incident" about 30 miles away after spending three days on the lam.

• Radoslaw Ratajszczak, president of Poland's Wroclaw Zoo, said a female endangered Indian rhinoceros has been born at the zoo, adding that the mother, named Maruska, who weighs 2 tons, is being "very careful not to crush the little one."

• Louis Capriotti, 45, of Chicago Heights, Ill., accused of leaving a voicemail for a member of Congress in which he threatened to kill President-elect Joe Biden and other Democrats at the coming inauguration in Washington, D.C., has been arrested, prosecutors said.

• Daniel Moore and Christian Reese, both 18, and an unidentified juvenile, face vandalism counts after racist graffiti was found on the outsides of three schools in Kirkwood, Mo., prompting dozens of people to gather at the high school to protest the comments and the damage.

• Tony Hunter, 60, former chief information officer for Broward County, Fla., schools, was charged with bypassing bidding rules to direct a $17 million electronics contract to a Georgia company in return for a job and a house at below-market price, prosecutors said.

• Eduard Florea, 40, of Queens, N.Y., a Proud Boys supporter who threatened to deploy "three cars full of armed patriots" to Washington, was charged with stockpiling military-style combat knives and more than 1,000 rifle rounds in his home, federal authorities said.

• Lynese Cargill, 51, co-founder of a public relations firm in Chesterfield, Mo., who pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $800,000 from the company to cover personal expenses, was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison.

• Jeff Clouser, a Kansas game warden, was recorded on his body camera taking careful aim with a handgun and shooting off part of a whitetail buck's antler, freeing the animal after its antlers became locked with those of another buck, and allowing both to bound off in opposite directions.

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