Tools & Toys: BLACK+DECKER Wagon and FogBlocker Wet Wipes

BLACK+DECKER Wagon and FogBlock Wet Wipes


What's to love: The collapsible wagon is made with heavy-duty all-terrain wheels making it easy to maneuver.

What does it do: The wagon made with a polyester canvas over a sturdy frame is 31.1 inches long, 21.2 inches wide and 22.1 inches deep and can carry up to 176 pounds. It's a great size for using in the garden to haul bags of dirt, tools or yard debris. It may also be used for hauling camping gear or sports equipment and folding chairs and snacks when attending a kid's soccer game. A large Velcro pocket is a great place to keep keys and other items and two cup holders keeps drinks handy. When done using the wagon, it can be collapsed along with the telescoping handle into a compact 7 inch width for easy storage. The wagons sell for $99.99. Visit blackanddecker.com for more information.

FogBlocker Wet Wipes

What's to love: Wearing a protective mask with glasses can often lead to the glasses fogging up. These single-use wipes are sanitary, prevent moisture buildup and are made without eye irritants.

What does it do: The wipes work on the inside and outside of the glasses, even those with a coating. They clean the lenses of dirt and grease and prevent fogging for up to 24 hours. The wipes can also be used on PPE devices such as goggles and plastic face shields. The wipes sell for $13.99 and come 20 to a pack. More information may be found here: fogblocker.com.