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story.lead_photo.caption Covid Questions with Dr. Marti Sharkey

Fayetteville public health officer, Dr. Marti Sharkey, talked with Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Stacy Ryburn and answered five more coronavirus questions from our readers.

[Don't see the video above? Click here to watch:]

Here are the questions:

1) If you're indoors with someone who is covid-positive but stay 6 feet apart, are you safe?

2) If a covid test is negative, how often should I be tested to ensure safety for my family?

3) What is the infectious dose of SARS CoV-2?

4) What is the period of time a person can be contagious after contact with someone who is positive?

5) If you have symptoms of covid, is it a bad idea to take an OTC decongestant or expectorant?

Do have your own question? Ask it here:

Watch the previous installment of Covid Questions here:

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