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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 14-Oct. 18:

PB General Holdings (Protho Junction), LLC to Westminster Lanes, LLC and 6491 Westminster Blvd., LLC L1, PBGH (Protho), $1,449,097.

Anderson Properties Of TN, LLC to KRA Roosevelt Properties, LLC, Pt NW 13-1N-12W, $1,215,000.

Ascent Acquisition, LLC, Ascent Acquisition Corp. and Med Properties, Inc. to VBall Ventures, LLC, L5 B1, McCain East Business Park; L6 B1, McCain East Business Park Proposed, $1,000,000.

Tynez, Inc. to Systems Contracting, Inc., 11511 Huron Lane, Little Rock, L3, Charles Valley Office Park, $850,000.

Dwellings, Inc. to William M. Hughan, 6413 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, L67, Westover Hills, $705,000.

Maee R. and Naureen J. Sheikh to Joshua Errol and Rebekah Ashley Thacker, 146 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L9 B124, Chenal Valley, $523,900.

Patrick D. Wilson to Richard Baxter Wilson Knowlton and Sarah Cowan, 4223 Kenyon Drive, Little Rock, L7 B17, Hillcrest, $484,000.

JVRC, LLC to John R. and Rebecca W. Novack, 515 N. Oak St., Little Rock, Ls14-15 B4, Auten And Moss, $474,900.

John Taylor and Laura Sessions Moore to Caroline and Justin Peacock, 7 Doral Drive, Little Rock, L2 B16, Pleasant Valley, $460,000.

Ronald D. and Carla Lynn Robertson to Mark and Christine M. Halter, 104 Buckland Place, Little Rock, L286, Cypress Point West, $450,000.

Cathleen Staggs and Henry M. McFarlin IV., to Matthew Lyn and Morgan Lee Brunson, 2004 Wellington Plantation Drive, Little Rock, L4 B18, The Villages Of Wellington, $374,900.

Lori A. Hughes to John W. and Carole M. Hawkins and The John And Carole Hawkins Trust, L49, Pleasant Heights Phase I, $326,900.

RichSmith Holdings, LLC to Valley Estates Of Mabelvale Phase III, LP, Pt SE NE 3 & Pt SW NW 2-1S-13W, $325,000.

Medlock Construction Co, Inc. to Katherine O. and James T. Meredith III., 9201 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L14 B11, Creekside, $314,000.

Menco Construction, LLC to Marqueis T. and Shameka S. Britt, 9701 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L21 B9, Creekside, $300,000.

Shantell Renee Enterprises, Inc. to Jason and Ashley Williams, 9217 Rapid Water, Sherwood, L16 B11, Creekside, $299,900.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Jennifer L. Bounds, Robert M. Bounds and Patricia L. Bounds, 14 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L8, Piper Lane, $298,153.

Jennifer L. and David B. Miller to Cory W. and Rebecca A. Miller, 9833 Miller Road, Sherwood, L15 B2, Popes Place- Sylvan Hills, $290,000.

Enchanting Custom Homes, Inc. to Sherry L. and Paul E. Wiley Jr., 1206 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville, L461R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $281,600.

Sallie C Graves to Edwin K Cox; Debra Cox 10 Honey Bear Ct, Little Rock, L57, Longlea X Phase II $280,000 10/18/19

Margaret Brokate to Matthew D. and Miriam S. Parrish, 11223 Rocky Valley Drive, Little Rock, L5 B26, Pleasant Valley, $272,500.

Thomas Henry and Linda Diane Hoffman and The Hoffmann Joint Revocable Trust to Cardinal Holdings Of Arkansas, LLC, Ls82 & 115, Cardinal Heights Section C, $270,000.

Jason and Kendra Roberts to Allen E. and Marian E. Penrod, L1098, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 12, $270,000.

Ives Custom Homes, LLC to Eugene F. Quintana, 18821 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock, L13, Lochridge Estates, $269,900.

Christopher R. Newell to Judy G. Caruthers and The Judy G. Caruthers Revocable Trust, L27R B1, Chevaux Court, $269,000.

Jessica Hobby, Jessica Marie Burke Watson and Gerren Hobby to Alice Strange, 130 Beaver Creek Lane, Maumelle, L19 B25, Maumelle Valley Estates, $266,000.

Larry Walden, LLC to Andrew O. Peters, 9617 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L34, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $264,000.

Vicki L. Hensley to Renita Michelle and Nicholas Terrell Hoof, 104 Turtle Creek Cove, Maumelle, L6, Turtle Creek Cove, $259,000.

Euro-Homes, Inc. to Lindell Lamark Johnson, 2900 Moonstone Cove, Sherwood, L45 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $256,000.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Freddie Lee and Rita Maria Hughey, 107 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock, L129, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $255,000.

Charles Anderson Homes, LLC to LaToya D. Green, 5616 Victoria Court, Jacksonville, L9G, Northlake Gardens, $255,000.

Aaron Shelton to Richard Ellsworth, 417 Puma Lane, Jacksonville, Pt SW NW 5-3N-10W, $249,000.

Matthew Lamb and Laura Blackwell to Brice Martin and Hannah Marie Evans, 2422 Louisiana St., Little Rock, L1 B19, Rapley Estate, $248,000.

Larry and Wendy Hahs to Gerald Mitchell and Martha Kopper, 900 Oak Forest Circle, Sherwood, L26, Millers Glen Phase 2, $238,900.

Shannon D. Cox to Keith and Teresa Satterfield, 112 Calais Drive, Maumelle, L440, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $237,500.

Autumn King Conley to 714 N. Monroe Little Rock, LLC, L12 B39, Pulaski Heights, $235,000.

Melissa H. Hurst to Derek A. and Gracen K. Miller, 234 Trelon Circle, Little Rock, L93 B48, Chenal Valley, $225,000.

Scott T. Smith to William T. Hill and The Hill Family Revocable Trust, L127, Westover Hills, $225,000.

Joee and Aaron Carter to Candace M. Norton and Alicia Michelle Bailey, 12505 Pleasant Ridge Road, Little Rock, L26, Cedar Branch, $225,000.

Jason and Vicki Phillips to William D. and Brigitte Seiger, 9101 Meadow Gardens Circle, North Little Rock, L28, Millers Glen, $220,000.

Clayton S. and Lauren L. Booth to Jared Matthew Landrum and Kelsey Catherine Lyle, 1 Diana Drive, Little Rock, L68, Briarwood, $218,000.

Charles D. and Jean A. Hensel to James W. and Marie A. McCoin, 7164 Gap Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L31 B1, Gap Creek, $216,500.

Mary Ellen Norman to Terra Firma Project, LLC, 1700 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, L5 B21, Mountain Park, $200,000.

Ervson Enterprises, LLC to Adrian J. and Ashley C. Williams, 900 S. Van Buren St., Little Rock, L10R B9, Cunningham Replat, $199,200.

Valuable Property Solutions, LLC and Turner Real Estate Group, LLC to Robert E. and Johnnie Marie Grimes, 2401 Durwood, Little Rock, L71, Kingwood Place, $199,000.

Patricia K. Scogins and Michael W. Kelly to Roost Holdings, LLC, 1101 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls13-15 B8, Midland Hills, $195,000.

Virginia M. Goeldner to Tina L. and Billy Joe Gibbs Sr., 747 Trevino Drive, Maumelle, L5, Country Club Villas, $192,000.

Jonathan Clay and Rhonda F. Wilson Young to Tab Denton and Keri Leigh Reinhold, 1314 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood, Pt SE SE 31-3N-11W, $186,000.

Curtis and Audrey Freeman to James Daniel and Ulrike Walker, 6513 Old Tom Box Road, Jacksonville, L28, Macon Heights, $179,900.

Royal Concept Custom Homes, Inc. to Benjamin Joseph Shest, 1008 Parham Drive, Jacksonville, L8, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $179,100.

Kathryn Price Murphy to Tyler Scott and Kalyn Marie Thomas, 13817 Huntleigh Drive, Little Rock, L6, Westport Phase I, $179,000.

Homes By Hesley, Inc. to Ted P. and Kimberly Kirsten Fredrich, L212, Pleasant View Phase V, $178,000.

Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage, L6, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $177,944.

Alice Strange to Kyle Skinner, 22 Fairway Woods Cirlce, Maumelle, L22, Fairway Woods, $172,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Curtis Lang Sr., 6956 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L803, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $171,150.

Jeremy Andrew Murphy to Jeremy Murphy and The 7205 Amanda Drive Trust, Pt E/2 SW 21-3N-11W, $170,308.

M&L Properties Of Conway, LLC to Jacob Tyler Blockburger, 4618 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L23 B209, Park Hill NLR, $170,000.

William and Margie Brackeen to Eric Jones, 11 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L6, Park Ridge, $169,500.

Pamela and Scott A. Caldwell to Kimberly Ann Shaw, 4011 Sierra Forest Drive, Little Rock, L166, Pleasant Forest II, $169,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Leslie Floyd, 5725 Cypress Lane, North Little Rock, L808, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $166,660.

Annette Hendrix Matthews and Pamela M. and James Handloser to Susan P. Dryer, 5504 N. Vine St., North Little Rock, L24 B7, Pike View, $165,000.

Casey and Emilee Schmalzried to Angnela L. Dansby, 902 Country Club Road, Sherwood, L2 B322, Park Hill NLR, $164,000.

Tanica Howard to Shaneka R. Smith, 14150 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L12, Shady Lane, $164,000.

Brandon E. and Sophia Macken to Jacob and Britany Sowell, 1701 Pilot Court, Jacksonville, L8, Base Meadows Phase 1-A, $160,000.

Joshua E. and Rebekah A. Thacker to Trevor Stone, 12 Cherry Valley Drive, Little Rock, L61, Walnut Valley, $159,900.

William T. Epperson and Teresa Lazenby to Katherine S. Woodling, 97 Kingsbridge Way, Unit 97, Little Rock, Apt. 97, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR 9, $158,000.

Anthony and Molly Smith to Travis and Susan Henderson, 6 Garden Oaks Cove, Maumelle, L44, Garden Oaks, $155,000.

Marc W. and Holley B. White to Billy J. and Virginia L. Jones, 95 Rolling Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L90, Garden Oaks, $152,000.

Patrick Vest to Anna Caroline Stebbins, 6105 Ridgecrest Drive, Little Rock, L25, Ridgecrest Manor, $150,000.

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