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DEAR HELOISE: I remove most of my boxes from my freezer. If your freezer is like mine, most of the boxes aren't full. It's easier to store single items than a half-empty box.

-- Roy R., via email

DEAR READER: One thing to be aware of? There can be important info printed on the box: the ingredients list, recipes, the Nutrition Facts panel, and the contact number and address for the company.

You can cut off the panel of the box and band it together with the items.

DEAR HELOISE: Before I floss, I run a bead of toothpaste down the floss. The fluoride gets in on the sides of my teeth.

-- Ben R. in Pennsylvania

DEAR READER: Experts agree that flossing is critical to good oral health. Do you brush first and then floss? You should, because there will be "leftover" toothpaste in your mouth that can go to work in between teeth.

Your "bead method" is a good one too, Ben. Ask your dentist and hygienist what they recommend.

DEAR HELOISE: I store thawing meat on the bottom shelf in the fridge. It's colder, and there's no chance of juices dripping down on other foods.

-- Bethany W. in Indiana

DEAR READERS: One of my favorite cleaners is bargain hair shampoo. It won't break the bank, but it will break up greasy stains.

One stain that's easy to clean? Ring around the collar. Run a thin line of shampoo on the inside neckband. Rub in gently, let sit and rinse. Launder as usual.

DEAR HELOISE: It's difficult to find something tiny that's fallen on the floor -- for example, one really small screw.

I place a flashlight on the floor and shine its beam across the floor. This makes tiny objects on the floor stand out by lighting them up and by casting a shadow.

-- Rhonda, via email

DEAR HELOISE: I have three wreaths to store until next year. I didn't want to put them in a bin, as this messes them up, and they don't look as good the following year.

I put the wreaths on a curtain rod I wasn't using and then put the rod ends on coat hangers in the closet. This worked wonderfully!

-- Becky G., Oklahoma

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Weekend on 01/10/2019

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