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  1. "Ev'ry morning, ev'ry evening, ain't we got _?"

  2. From what song? "We ain't got a barrel of money, maybe we're ragged and funny."

  3. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that _."

  4. From what song? "Since my gal and I ain't together, keeps raining all the time."

  5. Who famously said, "You ain't heard nothin' yet, folks"?

  6. From what song? "Now I ask you very confidentially ..."?

  7. From what song? "You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine."

  8. In what novel does Lennie say, "He [George] ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits"?

  9. From what song? "No one to talk with, all by myself."


  1. Fun

  2. "Side by Side"

  3. Swing

  4. "Stormy Weather"

  5. Al Jolson

  6. "Ain't She Sweet"

  7. "Hound Dog"

  8. Of Mice and Men

  9. "Ain't Misbehavin"

ActiveStyle on 12/02/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Ain't

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