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Cary Cocuzzi, 31, who said he was homeless and had been sneaking in and out of the attic of his ex-girlfriend's home in Pittsburgh for about two weeks, is facing burglary charges after the girlfriend caught him standing in her bedroom and ran outside screaming, police said.

Jeremy Perrien, a fire chief in Scott County, Mo., said most help-wanted ads are "boring" and that he wanted to add some humor in his recruitment of new firefighters when he posted signs reading "Hard Labor, Odd Hours, Low Pay (and) Cool Helmet!!"

Steve King, the Iowa Republican congressman rebuked and removed from committee assignments for asking in an interview why the terms "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" are considered offensive, said he now has "better insight" into what Jesus Christ experienced when he was persecuted for his beliefs.

Jane Castor, 59, the openly gay former police chief of Tampa, Fla., received more than 73 percent of 53,144 votes cast to win a runoff election and become the city's next mayor, which she described as "a resounding message that Tampa is a positive community."

Diana Willett, a day care worker from Monticello, Ky., who was shown in a video posted on social media repeatedly waving a doll at a crying 2-year-old girl who was known to be afraid of dolls and small animals, was arrested on a child-abuse charge, sheriff's deputies said.

Derrick Semedo, 26, of Nashua, N.H., pleaded guilty to placing live water monitor lizards in socks and hiding them in electronic equipment shipped from the Philippines so he could sell the rare lizards in the U.S., prosecutors said.

Kenney Boone, the sheriff of Florence County, S.C., accused of using county funds and drug seizure money to buy groceries, window tinting and other personal items, was charged with embezzlement and misconduct and was suspended by the governor.

Bridget Kelly, a onetime aide to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was resentenced to 13 months -- down from 18 -- for her role in a 2013 plot to cause traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge to punish the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christie.

Dan Johnson, 72, of Deland, Fla., was arrested on an aggravated battery charge after his 29-year-old nephew told investigators that Johnson attacked him with a knife, stabbing him in stomach and back for taking too long in the bathroom.

A Section on 04/25/2019

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