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story.lead_photo.caption Joe Williams - Photo by Cary Jenkins

Joe Williams

Where I live: Hillcrest, near Pulaski Heights Elementary School

Occupation: associate professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where I teach technical communication and game design; founding partner, Little Rock Games

My favorite space is: our dining room.

Why? I love the architecture and feel of the space, the mixture of industrial and traditional styles and the wide range of art. I love that my wife, our two teenagers, and I share dinner there nearly every evening, discussing politics, culture, history and everything else under the sun. I love that it's a place where we play cards and board games and put together 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles; where we wrap Christmas presents and our kids work on school projects and we fill packages to send to nieces and uncles on their birthdays. Finally, I love that it's the space where I spent long hours developing and testing my first successful card game, Galactic Scoundrels (Mercury Games, February 2019). The game is inspired by sci-fi classics like Star Wars, Firefly, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It lets players gamble, bluff and tell tales of mayhem as they each try to become the richest swindler in the galaxy.

If I could make one change to improve this space, I would: I suppose I would heat it a bit better. It gets chilly in there on a cold night.

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