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100 years ago

Nov. 6, 1918

• The signing of the armistice with Germany, which now seems almost certain, should be celebrated in Little Rock with a great patriotic demonstration, Mayor Taylor said yesterday. "Our gratification over the triumph of democratic principles should be celebrated," said the mayor. "We ought to be ready to join in a demonstration which will not only be nation wide, but world wide. The demonstration should indicate our "gratefulness to Almighty God for the glorious, unparalleled victory, which is foreshadowed by the granting of an armistice to the fourth and last of the nation's enemies."

50 years ago

Nov. 6, 1968

• State Trooper Jimmy D. Hicks tried unsuccessfully Tuesday to vote under a seldom-used state law at a North Little Rock precinct and at the County Courthouse. Rebuffed both places but determined to vote, he left Little Rock about 5 p.m. and drove to West Memphis, where he last had registered, and voted at his old precinct. He presented his voter registration each time in Pulaski County and tried to vote under a law that says a voter who is unavoidably absent on election day from his home county because of his duties, occupation or business can vote at any precinct. Hicks said precinct officials at Silver City Courts at Eighteenth and Chandler Streets North Little Rock, said when they turned him away that they had turned away a Catholic priest a few minutes earlier who applied to vote under the same law.

25 years ago

Nov. 6, 1993

• Arkansans are among the least-informed people in the nation about AIDS and the virus that causes the disease, a survey released Friday showed. Results of the survey, conducted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the Centers for Disease Control, were released Friday by the state Health Department's HIV-AIDS Surveillance Unit. It showed 15 percent of Arkansans do not know the human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS. That ranked Arkansas at No. 51 -- at the bottom. The state ranked 50th with 63 percent of its people unaware there are drugs that can lengthen the life of a person infected with the AIDS virus, according to the survey.

10 years ago

Nov. 6, 2008

• Mayor Patrick Hays told North Little Rock police that his election opponent Bubba Lloyd physically threatened him while both campaigned on a street corner Monday, Hays and police confirmed Wednesday. Hays told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the two were holding campaign signs on a Park Hill street corner off John F. Kennedy Boulevard Monday morning when Lloyd cursed him and said, "When this is over, I'm going to whip your ass." Lloyd denied Wednesday that he's ever threatened the mayor. Hays won re-election to a sixth term in Tuesday's general election with 55.6 percent of the vote. Lloyd was runner-up in the four-candidate field with 36.7 percent. Both campaigns used mailers critical of each other's positions, and the two had some terse exchanges at public events.

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