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  1. Which rock group sang "We Are the Champions"?

  2. What famous singing cowboy had a horse named Champion?

  3. He was undefeated as the world heavyweight boxing champion.

  4. What are the main products of the American company named Champion?

  5. Which American was the world champion of chess from 1972 to 1975?

  6. This champion of the Philistines challenged the Israelite champion.

  7. In which sport is yokozuna the championship level?

  8. Who wrote the children's book Danny, the Champion of the World?

  9. Who played the title role in the 1949 film Champion?


  1. Queen

  2. Gene Autry

  3. Rocky Marciano

  4. Spark plugs or sportswear

  5. Bobby Fischer

  6. Goliath

  7. Sumo wrestling

  8. Roald Dahl

  9. Kirk Douglas

Weekend on 05/17/2018

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Champions

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