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Beaver Lake

Alabama rigs are the top lure for black bass.

James Whittle said other lures that may work include crawdad-colored crank baits and jerk baits. A spinner bait worked slowly may also work.

Crappie are biting minnows or jigs eight to 15 feet deep on the south half of the lake. Striped bass are biting well on brood minnows or shad in the Rocky Branch area and also from Hickory Creek Marina south into the White and War Eagle river arms.

Mike Whitehouse at Hickory Creek Marina said striper fishing is good with brood minnows or shad. Good numbers of stripers are being caught in the Hickory Creek area and up the White and War Eagle tributaries.

Crappie are biting minnows or jigs 15 feet deep or shallower around wood cover. No report on other species.

Lake Fayetteville

David Powell at the lake office said spider rigging is a good way to catch crappie. Bait up with minnows and fish eight feet deep over water that's 15 feet deep.

Try Ned rigs for black bass.

Lake Sequoyah

Mike Carver at the lake bait shop said black bass are biting fair on Zoom Flukes worked slowly. Catfish are biting well between the old bridge and the dam on liver, minnows or shad.

Bella Vista

Bryce Lane at Hook, Line and Sinker in Bella Vista recommends trying for trout at Lake Brittany with Power Bait or small spoons.

Swepco Lake

Kenny Stroud in Siloam Springs said black bass are biting all types of soft plastic lures rigged any way. Wake baits are worth a try.

Siloam Springs Lake

Stroud recommends fishing for crappie with minnows five to 10 feet deep around brush.

Illinois River

Stroud recommends fishing for black bass with small jig and pigs or jerk baits.

Eastern Oklahoma

Stroud recommends fishing for crappie with minnows or jigs. Try jerk baits or Alabama rigs for black bass.

Table Rock Lake

Fishing guide Pete Wenners said black bass can be caught shallow with jerk baits or crawdad-colored crank baits.

Bass are also deep around schools of shad 40 feet or deeper. Rapala ice fishing jigs are a good lure to use.

Sports on 12/04/2018

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