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BELLA VISTA -- The city council unanimously approved financing for the purchase of a new Pierce Class A custom pumper fire truck, to be made by Pierce Manufacturing.

The council passed an ordinance to take a five-year loan through Regions Bank with a proposed 2.09 percent interest rate to cover the $464,346 truck.

Council member John Flynn said the city would save money by purchasing the truck with cash up front.

According to documentation sent by Pierce Manufacturing, the truck will be built once the order is placed and the fire department will have its truck within one year. The truck's normal price, according to the document, is $483,574, but Pierce is offering a prepay discount of $22,129, along with a payment bond at an additional cost of $2,901, bringing the truck's final cost to $464,346.

Council member Doug Fowler said he met with firefighters at Station 3, off Glasgow Road, where this truck would be placed.

"The truck that's operating out of station 3 right now, it's a 2005 model and it's currently owned by the county," he said.

The city, he said, has the truck on loan, under the condition that the city handles all maintenance and pays for insurance on it. Because the city does not own this truck, he said, the county can take it back at any time and leave the fire department short a truck.

The truck has cost the city roughly $30,000 so far in maintenance this year, he said, and it's likely to continue costing money.

Additionally, he said, firefighters would benefit from a more capable truck. This one, he said, has difficulty climbing hills.

While there is a reserve truck, he said, it's even older.

"It's just time to replace it," he said.

The council also approved the purchase of new protective gear for firefighters, allowing the library to spend donation funds, accepting grant money for police uniforms and appointing the first batch of commissioners to the city's newly-formed Advertising and Promotion commission.

General News on 07/25/2017

Print Headline: Council OKs purchase of fire truck

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