Old number 6,734

Posted: October 12, 2018 at 3:17 a.m.

Editorial number 6,734, way back in the file, goes like this: "Too many people in this country don't vote regularly in elections, state, national and otherwise. What's wrong with you people? Voting is sacred to democracy. They're starving back in China. Finish what you've got."

Meh. We never thought old No. 6,734 was all that good.

For those who are paying attention, certainly, by all means, vote. Well, not by all means. You need to be legal and registered. But if you've watched the AETN debates, and follow the news, and understand the issues, have at it.

Some of you, like some of us, find this the most wonderful time of the year. Political ads, campaign fliers, polls! Ah, the smell of napalm and printed fliers in the morning.

But only 19 percent of Arkies turned out for the primaries earlier this year, according to election results. And that's fine. If that 19 percent represents the folks paying attention.

We'll let other editorial pages dust off No. 6,734. In a country this free, and with a people that want to remain so, we'll trust those who follow the process.

Editorial on 10/12/2018