NWA Letters to the Editor: Campaign finance

Posted: March 7, 2018 at 1 a.m.

A different response to funding campaigns

We seem to have so many intractable problems these days: health care, gun control and immigration, to name just a few. I think the main intractable problem we have is the way we finance campaigns for federal office. Basically, we now do it through legalized bribes. Let's call them what they are: bribes. Of course, everyone deserves to be heard, but, if you think your elected representative will actually consider your opinions over those of large donors, I know of several bridges you may be interested in purchasing. At every turn, problems begging for a solution go unresolved because well-heeled interests have bought the politicians.

While this seems to be a long-standing problem we just have to put up with, I think there are solutions that would even pass muster with the Supreme Court. For example, the Congress could establish a public corporation to which anyone could anonymously contribute money earmarked for the political party of their choice. There would be no limit on the amount contributed, but direct contributions to individual candidates would be prohibited as bribes. Candidates could apply to the corporation for money to finance their campaigns and any funds remaining after the campaign would be returned to the corporation, instead of the politician's retirement fund.

I would leave it to those more experienced in these matters than me to come up with nuts and bolts language, but we must do something. Our democracy depends on it. Money is, after all, the root of all evil.

Steve Imhoff


Commentary on 03/07/2018