Planning commissioners focus on infill development, housing regulations during retreat

Posted: January 28, 2018 at 1:08 a.m.

NWA Democrat-Gazette/STACY RYBURN Sloan Scroggin points to a map of Fayetteville with other planning commissioners during a retreat at the municipal airport Saturday.

Appropriate development should balance the interests of residents, builders and city officials and decisions should benefit the entire city, not just certain groups, planning commissioners agreed during a Saturday retreat.

The lingo

Infill development — Building on underused parts of an urban area so residents can access services without having to travel great distances.

Suburban sprawl — The opposite of infill development; housing and commercial spaces largely alone on the edge of a city or without surrounding development.

Traditional town form — Forming complete neighborhoods by filling in unused spaces or reusing existing buildings.

Missing middle-housing — Multi-unit housing, such as duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, that integrate well into blocks of single-family homes.

Snout house — Homes with a protruding garage out front and a front door tucked farther away from the street.

Impact fees — Imposed on a development to cover the cost of providing services, such as fire, police, water and sewer.

Cost-share development — City officials and developers partner to share the cost and workload of infrastructure improvements, such as new sidewalks, roads or water and sewer lines.

Source: Staff report

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I often find the tone of Fayetteville planners to have such an elitist and superficial sound. They wring their hands about a lack of affordable housing and sigh and moan about concepts that make houses more affordable, like a front loading garage (ugghh, i’m so repulsed, ‘snout house’). Working class people often prefer more space and utilitarian functions over more expensive design and exterior architectural elements that these city planners always praise and promote.

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