Tony Romo breaks down feline's form after cat runs onto field during Ravens-Dolphins game

Posted: October 28, 2017 at 4:30 a.m.

Tony Romo has shined in his new gig with CBS, including during Thursday night’s game with help from a cat on the field.

The most entertaining part of Thursday night's 40-0 victory for the Baltimore Ravens over the Miami Dolphins had to be when a cat ran onto the field in the fourth quarter.

The wild feline came out of nowhere with less than two minutes remaining to shake things up, leading to some analysis from Tony Romo.

The former NFL quarterback is in his first season in the CBS booth. He's already been lauded for having keen insight into the sport's nuances. This is his first cat-related breakdown, though.

First, he joked about partner Jim Nantz.

"This is like how you ran in high school."

But then it became a film breakdown.

"Perfect form, extension. I mean, doesn't get fazed if there are people around. Oooohh, look at the change in direction."

Then, as the cat approached the sideline, Romo turned the slow motion footage into a breakdown of an NFL replay.

"Does he get both feet right here at the end, Jimmmmmm? He's in!"

Is he still wrong?

A golf course sign in Firestone, Colo., honors the time a husband actually won an argument with his wife.

The couple went to a golf tournament at Saddleback Golf Club in August, KUSA-TV in Denver reported. The wife, who was accompanying her husband but not playing, decided she wanted to drive the golf cart. The husband initially refrained because -- in his words -- she was a "terrible driver."

A few holes later, the golf cart was in the lake.

According to Saddleback's facilities maintenance manager Josh Clay, the wife hopped in the driver's seat on the fourth hole and tried to navigate a roundabout while dodging parked golf carts.

"When she went to hit the brake, she accidentally hit the gas and confirmed her husband's suspicions that she was not a very good driver," Clay said.

He said he still remembers the call that went over the radio.

"Our marshal at the time came over the radio and all you hear is, 'We have a woman in the lake,' " he said. " 'Wait, no, we have a golf cart in the lake!' "

Clay said the husband's clubs were soaked and the couple lost their cellphones and wallets.

"Boy, they lost everything in this tragedy," he chuckled. "... wouldn't it be nice to commemorate that time that the husband told his wife something and he was actually right about it?"

The club's marketing director then came up with the idea for an "historical marker."

Situated in front of the lake, the marker reads:

"Historical Marker

"On this exact spot in the afternoon of August 5th, 2017 a marital dispute was won by the husband.

"At 12:58 he told his wife she shouldn't drive the golf cart because she is a horrible driver. 5 minutes later, she accidentally drove cart #42 into this lake."

Get crickets here

Adventurous Atlanta Hawks fans looking to try some new cuisine while visiting Philips Arena may want to head to the venue's cricket-related concession stand.

As explained by Connor Grossman of Sports Illustrated, the Hawks began offering tacos filled with Cajun-flavored crickets Friday night.

Those who prefer their crickets as a stand-alone snack will be able to buy prepackaged roasted crickets. These bags come in sweet-and-spicy Cajun and Texas barbecue flavors.

Three tacos cost $12, while the roasted crickets run $4.50 per bag.

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