Elk bugle, battle at Buffalo River

Posted: October 10, 2017 at 1 a.m.

A bull elk grazes with a herd near the Buffalo National River at Ponca. October is a prime month to see elk grazing in meadows at sunrise and sunset along the river in the Ponca and Boxley areas.

A rack of pointed antlers rose high above the bull elk parading its majesty in a golden meadow near the Buffalo National River.

A bull elk bugles. Bulls bugle for the prize of being boss bull and to attract females.

Elk draw viewers near the Ponca low-water bridge over the Buffalo River. About 14,000 to 16,000 visitors stop by the Ponca Elk Education Center each y...

Create elk memories

Nature photographer Terry Stanfill offered tips for watching and photographing elk along the Buffalo River.

• Get there early. The best viewing and best light for photography is from first light to sunrise. Elk may also be seen at sunset.

• Use a tripod. Elk photography at first light requires slower shutter speeds. A tripod steadies the camera for better photos.

• Filling the entire viewfinder with an elk makes good pictures, but including some of the environment around the elk, such as a meadow or forest, makes nice shots, too.

• Keep a distance. Elk are wild animals that may spook and charge if a person gets too close.

• Spend time simply watching the animals.

Source: Staff report

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