Click & Clack's Car Talk

Posted: May 10, 2014 at 2:41 a.m.

DEAR TOM AND RAY: Greetings from Doha, Qatar. Six months ago, I bought a used 2006 Hummer H3 (now with 115,000 miles), which my wife uses five days a week to take our son to school. Traffic in Doha is notoriously bad (and a bit dangerous), so these daily school runs are pretty stressful. But we may have a safety valve. We can trim the commute (and avoid a lot of traffic) by taking a three-mile off-road stretch. This isn't boulder-strewn terrain, it's just mildly rocky dirt. I encourage my wife to take the H3 on this stretch at every opportunity -- but she's concerned that 60 off-road miles every week (to and from school twice a day, five days a week) is too much for the car and it will "fall apart" prematurely. We're only going to be in Doha for another 18 months, and she wants the vehicle to last at least that long. I say it's a Hummer -- and that this kind of driving is a Hummer's existential purpose. I don't see the car falling apart for several years to come. What do you guys say? Can she take our H3 off-road on every school run?

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