Eckwood, Rogers Trio Named Players Of The Week

Posted: March 4, 2014 at 5 a.m.

STAFF PHOTO SAMANTHA BAKER @NWASAMANTHA Tereke Eckwood, right, of Springdale High blows past Bentonville's Jake Caudle on Feb. 25 at Tiger Arena in Bentonville. Springdale won 68-53 over Bentonville. Eckwood is the boys 7A/6A-West Conference Player of the Week.

STAFF PHOTO SAMANTHA BAKER @NWASAMANTHA Tereke Eckwood, right, of Springdale High blows past Bentonville's Jake Caudle on Feb. 25 at Tiger Arena in Bentonville. Springdale won 68-53 over Bentonville. Eckwood is the boys 7A/6A-West Conference Player of the Week.

Tereke Eckwood saved the best for last and is playing his best basketball of the season at the right time.

That Figures

299 — points scored in 14 conference games for Bentonville’s Malik Monk, who won the boys scoring title

216 — points scored in 14 conference games for Siloam Springs’ Baily Cameron, who won the girls scoring title





Springdale High^14^873^62.4



Springdale Har-Ber^14^738^52.7

Rogers Heritage^14^723^51.6

Van Buren^14^701^50.1

Siloam Springs^14^694^49.6

Rogers High^14^682^48.7


Van Buren^14^621^44.4



Springdale High^14^721^51.5

Rogers Heritage^14^761^54.4

Springdale Har-Ber^14^773^55.2

Siloam Springs^14^795^56.8

Rogers High^14^887^63.4



Malik Monk, Bentonville^14^299^21.4

Dylan Gray, Siloam Springs^14^235^16.8

Payton Willis, Fayetteville^14^218^15.6

Mitchell Smith, Van Buren^14^205^14.6

Crist Olsen, Rogers Heritage^14^205^14.6

Hunter Hill, Rogers High^14^202^14.4

Chris Owens, Springdale High^14^198^14.1

Zach Street, Rogers High^14^197^14.1

Connor Hirsch, Rogers Heritage^14^185^13.2

Luke Renner, Fayetteville^14^182^13.0

Jason Harms, Van Buren^14^177^12.6

Ryan Pearson, Van Buren^14^158^11.3

D.J. Evans, Springdale High^14^155^11.1

Avery Benson, Siloam Springs^14^154^11.0

Tereke Eckwood, Springdale High^14^153^10.9

Wyatt Kinnamon, Rogers Heritage^14^152^10.9

Reece Goddard, Siloam Springs^14^147^10.5

Mason Cline, Springdale Har-Ber^14^141^10.1

Josiah Wymer, Springdale High^14^132^9.4

Jake Caudle, Bentonville^14^122^8.7

Tyrik Dixon, Bentonville^14^116^8.3

J.P. Brandon, Springdale Har-Ber^14^115^8.2

Rickey Jones, Springdale Har-Ber^14^113^8.1

Mason Adams, Fayetteville^14^107^7.6

C.J. O’Grady, Fayetteville^14^107^7.6

Brandon Buccheri, Springdale Har-Ber^14^94^6.7

Edgar Martinez, Rogers High^14^94^6.7

Landon Jones, Springdale Har-Ber^14^87^6.2

Bradley Eversole, Van Buren^14^78^5.6

Brendan Cook, Springdale High^14^77^5.5

Tyler Robinson, Bentonville^14^74^5.3

Quashaun Kursh, Van Buren^14^72^5.1

Austin Fox, Springdale Har-Ber^14^70^5.0

Ben Smith, Bentonville^14^70^5.0

Treshawn Gause, Springdale High^14^70^5.0

Andrew Davis, Springdale Har-Ber^14^68^4.9

Brandon Johnson, Siloam Springs^14^65^4.6



Siloam Springs^14^787^56.2

Springdale Har-Ber^14^735^52.5



Springdale High^14^691^49.4

Rogers High^14^610^43.6

Rogers Heritage^14^521^37.2

Van Buren^14^495^35.4



Springdale High^14^636^45.4

Rogers High^14^648^46.3

Van Buren^14^667^47.6

Springdale Har-Ber^14^671^47.9

Rogers Heritage^14^683^48.8


Siloam Springs^14^734^52.4



Baily Cameron, Siloam Springs^14^216^15.4

Kierra Lang, Springdale High^11^150^13.6

Jordan Martin, Bentonville^14^173^12.4

Paige Redmond, Springdale Har-Ber^14^170^12.1

Dashundra Morgan, Fayetteville^9^108^12.0

Morgan Miller, Siloam Springs^14^166^11.9

JaVonda Daniels, Springdale High^14^158^11.3

Bailey Schalk, Springdale Har-Ber^14^157^11.2

Peyton Taylor, Bentonville^14^157^11.2

Libby Ganoung, Rogers High^14^156^11.1

Emilie Jobst, Rogers Heritage^14^155^11.1

Bailee Owens, Siloam Springs^14^142^10.1

Mayse Pippin, Siloam Springs^14^139^9.9

Sydney Crockett, Fayetteville^14^137^9.8

Maria Santillana, Van Buren^14^132^9.4

Brooke Sagely, Rogers High^14^119^8.5

Callie King, Rogers High^14^118^8.4

Kindal Coleman, Bentonville^14^117^8.4

Sara Giesen, Rogers Heritage^14^111^7.9

Lani Snowden, Van Buren^14^107^7.6

Chasidee Owens, Springdale High^14^105^7.5

Desiree Mack, Springdale High^14^103^7.4

Danae Goodwin, Van Buren^14^100^7.1

Ryann Goodsell, Springdale High^14^99^7.1

Gina Britton, Rogers Heritage^14^97^6.9

Marleeya Montgomery, Springdale Har-Ber^14^91^6.5

Jacie Higgins, Springdale Har-Ber^14^87^6.2

Lauren Schuldt, Fayetteville^14^86^6.1

Carlye Bohannan, Springdale Har-Ber^14^85^6.1

Emily Sieller, Rogers Heritage^14^82^5.9

Deanna Adkins, Bentonville^14^81^5.8

Lauren Hargus, Bentonville^14^73^5.2

Lauren Krissman, Fayetteville^14^72^5.1

Samantha Weber, Springdale Har-Ber^14^69^4.9

Cassandra Trexler, Rogers High^14^69^4.9

Madison Brittain, Bentonville^14^66^4.7

Kaylee Sheppard, Van Buren^14^61^4.4

State Tournaments Delayed

The start of several Arkansas state basketball tournaments were delayed after the state was blanketed in snow and ice over the weekend.

The Arkansas Activities Association announced Monday the Class 6A, 5A, 3A, 2A and 1A state tournaments will not start until Wednesday. The tournaments for Class 7A and 4A are unaffected since they were not scheduled to start until Wednesday.

The delay also means the semifinals of those tournaments that were delayed will not be played until Sunday, the AAA said in a statement released Monday.

“The decision was based on a safety issue,” said Lance Taylor, AAA executive director, in the release. “We wanted to make sure that everyone could travel to our state locations without hazardous driving conditions. The weather conditions are not favorable to travel on Tuesday, and warmer temperatures are expected for the rest of the week.”

The state finals are scheduled for March 13-15 in Hot Springs and are expected to be played as scheduled.

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