Benton County Election Comission Budget Cut

Posted: August 30, 2014 at 1:30 a.m.

BENTONVILLE -- Election officials exceeded the target of a 3 percent cut in their tentative 2015 budget, but they said the final costs may be beyond their control.

At A Glance

Voter Turnout

Dana Caler, election administrator for the Benton County Clerk’s Office, said Friday she projects turnout for the general election Nov. 4 at 64,928. That’s 51 percent of registered voters. There are 127,310 registered voters in the county and about 110,000 active voters, Caler said. In 2010, the county had 105,792 registered voters, and 53,684 people voted in the general election, which was 51 percent of registered voters, Caler said.

Source: Staff Report

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