Benton County Judge Cited For Public Intoxication At Rogers' Festival

Posted: August 23, 2014 at 4:15 p.m.

Bob Clinard

Bob Clinard

BENTONVILLE -- Benton County Judge Bob Clinard was arrested Friday night at Frisco Festival in Rogers in connection with public intoxication, according to the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

At A Glance

Public Intoxication

Arkansas Code 5-71-212 — Drinking in public. (a) A person commits the offense of public intoxication if he or she appears in a public place manifestly under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to the degree and under circumstances such that: (1) The person is likely to endanger himself or herself or another person or property; or (2) The person unreasonably annoys a person in his or her vicinity. (b) Public intoxication is a Class C misdemeanor.

Source: Benton County Sheriff’s Office

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