Police dog hops fence, sinks teeth into two

Posted: August 6, 2014 at 4:44 a.m.

A Little Rock police dog attacked and bit two people, including a neighbor, after escaping from a pen Monday night in Alexander.

Ammo, a Dutch shepherd who's been with the Little Rock Police Department for three years, broke out of his kennel, jumped over a 6-foot fence and ventured across the street into a neighbor's yard, according to department spokesman Sgt. Cassandra Davis.

A report from the Saline County sheriff's office said the dog went into Trent Holloway's yard on Quail Ridge Drive about 7:27 p.m.

Holloway, 35, told deputies he was doing yardwork when he spotted the dog "pacing in his yard" and "tried to grab the dog tag to see who the owner was," reports said.

According to deputies, Ammo then showed his teeth, and though Holloway tried to back away, the police dog attacked, biting Holloway on the leg.

The dog also bit another person, 73-year-old Norman Beth, according to officials, but deputies were unable to interview Beth after the attack.

Holloway was taken to CHI St. Vincent, according to deputies. He was unreachable by phone for further comment.

Investigators noted that Ammo was up to date on his shots, and the police dog's veterinarian told investigators the dog was healthy.

The dog's handler, officer Jason Harris, was not at home when Ammo escaped, but he helped put the dog back in his kennel when he returned, officials said.

By county ordinance, Ammo must be "quarantined" for 10 days, though, when told this by deputies, Harris said Little Rock police policies said his dog didn't have to be quarantined.

On Tuesday, Davis confirmed that Ammo would remain at home and not work for 10 days.

Saline County sheriff's officials declined to comment beyond the deputy's report.

Neither Davis nor Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Sidney Allen returned calls or emails for additional information on the dog's status with the department.

Metro on 08/06/2014