FAITH MATTERS: Are Unchurched More Christian?


Posted: May 4, 2013 at 5 a.m.

Can I seek your forgiveness in advance? What I write here may be wrong in all sorts of ways. But I’m listening, I really am. I’m trying to understand.

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Religion, Pages 8 on 05/04/2013

This column makes me think of John P. Cock’s book Jesus Christ for the 21st Century (pp.205-6) where he writes about writes about Religious Person A and Religious Person B. Religious Person A is one who follows the Christian tradition: baptism, training, worship, prayer, confirmation, faith, commitment, love, mission, etc., and who regularly attends church services. Religious Person B is not religious in a formal sense. Does not go to church, attend Sunday school or work with a church group. A B person may even profess to be agnostic or atheist. Yet his or her lifestyle is one of compassion and grace, recognizing that life is a gift. You find B persons sacrificing for others, banding together in community with others in caring for others, sharing joys and life endurances with others just like A persons

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