Street Projects Prioritized

Posted: November 19, 2012 at 1:51 a.m.

Workers with Dirt Co. haul away the foundation Wednesday of a former warehouse on Johnson Road in Johnson, making way for improvement to the road. The Johnson Road project will connect the road to Greathouse Springs Road near Interstate 540.

City officials know what street projects will be built and the order in which they will be built, but not when.

Elm Springs overpass widening

By The Numbers

Priority for Springdale Street Projects

Project Estimated Cost

-Don Tyson Parkway Interchange — $25 million

-Tyson Parkway, Hylton to Habberton — $3.3 million

-Tyson Parkway, 40th to Carley — 2.2 million

-Widening Elm Springs Road overpass — $1 million

-56th Street, Sunset to Arvest Ballpark — $5.1 million

-56th Street, Arvest to Tyson Parkway — $1.6 million

-56th Street, Sunset to Harber Avenue — $4.5 million

-56th Street, Harber to Elm Springs Road — $2.8 million

-Elm Springs Road, Oak Grove to 56t— $2.1 million

-48th Street Extension — $2 million

-Hylton Road, Tyson Parkway to Julio Road — $500,000

Possible Additions

-56th Street, Elm Springs Road to Bob Mills Road — $2 million

-Watkins Avenue, 64th Street to Arkansas 112 — No estimate

The cost of widening the Elm Springs Road overpass would be shared with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department

Source: City Of Springdale

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