County Gets Sonar Tech

New Equipment To Aid Sheriff's Office In Lake Searches

Posted: November 8, 2012 at 5 a.m.

John De Mille, right, marketing, sales and operations director for Marine Sonic Technology, teaches Sgt. Rick Holland and other members of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office how to use the computer software Wednesday that communicates with a sonar device used to map the bottom of open water areas at Prairie Creek Marina at Beaver Lake in Rogers. The side scanning sonar can detect items, or bodies, that need to be recovered from the lake bottom up to about 50 meters on either side of the tow fish. The equipment supplements the county Dive Team’s effort by finding bodies faster and identifying obstructions that could endanger divers attempting to recover people that have drown in the lake.

New sonar equipment will help Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputies get a look at the bottom of Beaver Lake.

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Sonar Images

See images generated by sonar scanning equipment under the data samples tab on Marine Sonic Technology’s website

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