Board Members Talk About Tax Hike Options

Posted: December 30, 2012 at 4:16 a.m.

The Bentonville School Board will look to the public for answers regarding any millage increase option they plan to present to voters in the fall.

At A Glance

If Millage Had Passed

The Bentonville School District would have received $128 million for projects if a millage increase of 6.7 mills had passed June 26. Of that total, $94 million would have gone to build a second high school. The increase would have pushed the district’s millage rate to 50.4 mills.

Source: Staff Report

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Wendy Cheatham has it right. The school board is going to get what it wants(bells and whistles)a new high school with a 23 million dollar athletic complex.The reserve fund will have more than enough money in it to do whatever they want. Question where is the money comming from to put into the reserve fund? I heard that the district is not complying with a state law concerning staffing levels.Does the district have enough custodians, maintenance and grounds keepers to maintain and keep our schools clean. The law that mandates this is act 426 which is the custodian and maintenance manual.The law clearly states all school districts shall maintain adequat staff. If its a fouth Jr. high that can be converted to a high school or a new high school the voters are going to hear alot of bull. I hope we can see what is good for the students and not what the business community wants.

Posted by: brightpath

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