Alberto Morales Martinez, ...

Frank LockwoodAlberto Morales Martinez, an employee at Matthews Sweet Potato Farm near Wynne, weighs part of the harvest in early November. The work is especially brisk right before Thanksgiving.

Sweet potatoes family's fare

Wynne clan’s bread ’n’ butter is feasters’ tasty side

Subscriber onlyMany Americans have a once-a-year encounter with sweet potatoes, sampling them every year at Thanksgiving, after the turkey is carved, but before partaking of the pumpkin pie. Continue reading...

A worker with ...

NAJIM RAHIMA worker with Doctors Without Borders in October looks through the charred remains of the organization’s hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that was hit by a U.S. airstrike, killing dozens of civilians. The crew of an AC-130 gunship mistook the hospital for a Taliban command center 450 yards away, officials said Wednesday.

Soldiers, airmen suspended over hospital attack

Deadly strike in Afghanistan ‘tragic, avoidable,’ U.S. says

Subscriber onlyU.S. soldiers and airmen who carried out a strike on an Afghanistan hospital, leaving dozens of civilians dead, violated U.S. rules of engagement and have been suspended to await disciplinary action, military officials said Wednesday. Continue reading...

Russian President Vladimir ...

ALEXEI NIKOLSKY Russian President Vladimir Putin (foreground left) tours an armored-vehicle factory Wednesday in the Ural Mountains.

Russian anti-aircraft missiles sent to Syria

Systems to be based 30 miles from Turkey

Subscriber onlyRussian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered advanced air-defense missile systems to be deployed at a Russian air base in Syria after the downing of one of its warplanes by Turkey. Continue reading...