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Pets Of Perfection

Artist Eichler teaches art of portraiture

Subscriber only"When they come in, they'll have a photo, and when they leave, they'll have a painting of their pet," painter Amy Eichler promises. Continue reading...

Tradition Wins Out

Ice Cream Social once again marks end of summer

Subscriber onlyThe Washing County Historical Society's annual Ice Cream Social is back where it should be, and all's right with the world, says Vince Chadick, chairman of this weekend's event. Continue reading...

Without Walls

Walmart Museum opens doors, sidewalks to new programs

Subscriber onlyThe sidewalks aren't always big enough. So that means the nearby street turns into a playground outside the Walmart Museum during the weekly Sidewalk Sundays event. Continue reading...

Studies In Success

Artists make their marks in ANA show at ACO

Subscriber only"I always had an interest in drawing when I was a little kid, but I had a lot of interests," Bill Schneider says. "I played sports, did music, a lot of things. So art was just one of them. Continue reading...

Meet The Musicians

APO opens season with focus on all the players

Subscriber onlyThe Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra recently announced its 2014-15 season, which kicks off in November. Continue reading...

Get Inked

Tattoos an artform for ‘Arkansas’ best’

Subscriber onlyTattooing is more than just coloring inside the lines. A tattooer is first and foremost an artist, charged with creating a permanent design on a living, and often opinionated, canvas. Continue reading...

From A Fiddlin' Family

Will Bush remembers grandfather at Shiloh Sandwiched In

Subscriber onlyFamily clearly comes first for Will Bush. Continue reading...

Clothesline Fair on for 63rd year

Clothesline Fair back for 63rd season

Subscriber onlyWhat's bright and beautiful, family friendly, both traditional and ever-changing and 63 years young? Continue reading...

Set Sail By Trail

Foot and bike paths beckon students in to new world

Subscriber onlyHey! New University of Arkansas students! As you seek your identity in college, there's something to be said for straying from the beaten path. Continue reading...


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