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Beebe vetoes 20-week abortion bill

Medical science has changed. Like DNA saving people on death row, it presents new information in a new light.

I believe this is why they did it. The Pro-Life crowd wants this before the Supreme Court again so they can "define life" using new science.

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HOW WE SEE IT: ORT Cuts A Response To Public Will

There was a computer glitch on my last paragraph above. It should say:

Start recognizing the problem here. The problem is the universalist, agenda driven elected officials. A city is something to be MANAGED, not manipulated. It's job is not to rewrite the way we live with some unproven, fanciful AGENDA 21.

Let's get some good management into the city. We certainly don't need social engineers.

Jim Laubler
Fayetteville, AR

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HOW WE SEE IT: ORT Cuts A Response To Public Will

The first comment above sounds like dribble that would come out of some progressive agenda as taught from a University. It is fraught with comments that sound to me as being copied from a book.

I've watched public transit all my life and have used it from time to time. My degree is as a Public Manager. What I'm hearing above is a press to transform all of the world into some Agenda 21 utopia. You would think the word "Utopia" would leave a persons vocabulary a year into reality after graduation.

This area is not a true "metro" area. The cities have are not so interconnected that they require large mass transit. In fact, the "low use" of mass transit around here is mostly used by people who don't have a car. It's used to get to the store, not work.

I could agree that we have a moral obligation to meet the needs of the truly disabled and elderly who can't drive. I'm a big supporter of the door-to-door system and said so in my objections to the transits "money grab" last year.

But, this system is not needed by a percentage of our population. How do I know? A degree? An office in a college building? NO! I see the empty buses. Hell. ORT had to BUS IN advocates for their $7M grab. Most were disabled but didn't want to hear that we weren't against door to door. They were obviously told (or intellectually unable) to understand the difference.

Here's the problem. ORT, by its own admission, said all they really needed was $1.5M (as I recall). Looking at the shortfalls this year, $1/2M would have sufficed. That's a far cry from $7M. That smacks of Agenda 21 or some other AGENDA.

People of Fayetteville, WAKE UP. Agenda 21 is no longer a myth. It's a fact and its origins are not from the United States, rather the United Nations. The rest of the world wants us to conform to their model. Do we want to be like them? We're the ones who keep a lot of people free. We're the ones who keep necessities like fuel moving to the world. WE should not want to be like the MEDIOCRE rest of the world.

Start recognizing the problem here. Thuniversalisme universalist, agenda driven elected officials. A city is something to bemanipulatedot munipulated. It's job is not to rewrite the way we live with some unproven, fanciful AGENDA 21.

Jim Laubler
Fayetteville, AR

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Need assault-gun ban, lawmakers say

I guess removing a few guns is a good treatment for psychosis.

Any grownups out there?

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Group Reviews City, UA Plans

Good article. I did not realize that we had 25K students. That's 1/3 of the city population. I wonder if they pay 1/3 of the taxes that it takes to run our infrastructure?

They must be paying the tax because they can't seem to afford building another theater. They want $1M from us perminant citizens so we can recoop $36,000 a year in A&P taxes. Hmmm. Must be that new math.

Is anybody else tired of dealing with children who seemingly have endless expense accounts?

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Speaker-Elect Faces Music

The republicans BARELY carry the house in arizona. They believe that is a MANDATE.

Yet, when Obama says he has a mandate with a similar percentage of the vote, republicans scoff at him.

Double standards? This is what partisanship creates. I thought we were Americans first. If we threw out both parties, their leaders and their loyalists, THEN maybe we can return to the America we all dream about.

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A&P Commissioners Commit $500,000 for UA Concert Hall

We almost have no usable parks or trails in West Fayetteville. Yet, the University begs for our money and the A&P commission looks to give them a half million dollars.

It's time to spend the money on us citizens. We, the bastard children in West Fayetteville, deserve to enjoy the same benefits the rest of the city enjoys.

Mayor Jordan is against this donation. I stand with him on that.

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News anchor Matt Turner dies

We never know if tomorrow will come for us. It is good that he had a Christian based background. I hope all news reporters will note that our time is limited and we should understand that what comes out of our mouths is important.

Will we be remembered for our bias and representation of popular points of view? Or, will we be remembered for representing the views of the bible and God?

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AT A GLANCE: Washington County School Board Elections

Wouldn't it be nice if the newspaper would have a perminant page where you could go read a candidates platform and links to their pages.

What a concept. Newspapers keeping people informed !!!! :-)

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Redmond Pleads Guilty To Theft

What a crock of crap. NO TIME??!!! How is he related to the judge? What does his attorney have on the judge? The judge needs to go. Hope he's on the ballot !!!!

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