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Q: How much does a NWA Online subscription cost?

A: Subscriptions can be purchased by the day, month or year at prices ranging from 99 cents a day to $99.99 a year. Print subscriptions begin at $11 a month. Online access for newspaper subscribers is free, and any of these options can be selected at

Q: What does a subscription get me?

A: An online subscription allows access to our five daily newspapers in Northwest Arkansas, including replica editions, photos, articles, videos, blogs and more. Subscribers also get access to our sister sites — and

Q: I want to see today's newspaper online. How can I do this?

A: We host our five daily newspaper “replica editions” directly on the NWA Online homepage. At the very top is a link for “Today in print.” Either click the link or move your mouse over the words and a list of publications will appear. These links will open those newspapers. You will need to log in and select your Internet connection speed.

Q: What kind of news is offered on NWA Online?

A: News, sports, opinion and features articles from five daily publications, including those provided by wire services, are available at NWA Online. Early each morning, content is uploaded from the four local newspapers and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Additionally, articles and photos of local, state, regional and national news events appear throughout the day. The site also includes several blogs covering photography, music and features.

Q: How can I find news about my town?

A: News is based on four Northwest Arkansas towns. You can find Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville news at by locating the blue tabs with the headline “Metro.” Clicking each town will show the latest five news stories concerning those towns.

Q: Which obituaries can I find on NWA Online?

A: Obituaries and death notices are posted from all over the state. Three articles are published each day. These contain all of our obituaries. They are located at

Q: How do I get an obituary into the papers and online?

A: The local daily newspapers for Washington and Benton counties accept obituaries differently than the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. To submit an obituary to the Northwest Arkansas Times or the Springdale Morning News, call 571-6418. For obits in the Rogers Morning News or Benton County Daily Record, call 271-3713. Proof of death will be required. They also accept obituaries from funeral homes. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette accepts obituaries from funeral homes, so contact your funeral home for publishing details.

Q: How can I place a classified ad online?

A: Visit and select your category, the region in which the ad should run and fill out your ad's information. You'll then find out how much the ad will cost and available run dates.

Q: Is there a charge for any of the NWA Online mobile applications?

A: No. All of the mobile apps are free, but most of the content is from the newspapers and requires a subscription. Online-only subscriptions cost $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Print subscriptions can add online access for free. Visit to find the option that works best for you.

Q: What's the best way to submit a news tip to the editors?

A: Visit to find the news, features or sports editor that best fits your tip. Contact forms and phone numbers are available on the staff page. You'll also find links to submit engagement, wedding, anniversary and birth announcements.

Newsroom contacts are:

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Northwest Edition): 479-365-2900
  • Northwest Arkansas Times: 479-571-6499
  • Springdale Morning News:  479-751-5066
  • Rogers Morning News: 479-619-2530
  • Benton County Daily Record: 479-271-3700