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Newspapers in Education

Teaching Ideas

Our mission is to improve the literacy of our communities through the use of the newspaper in area classrooms. To help you integrate the newspaper into your curriculum, we provide the following resources. Keep a file with your favorites, and you will have emergency substitute plans at your fingertips! To view and print most of these files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free at

Activities by Subject

Activities by Grade Level

Arts, Crafts & Fun

  1. 124 Ways to Reuse the Newspaper
  2. Advertising Scavenger Hunt
  3. Another Scavenger Hunt
  4. Autumn Scavenger Hunt
  5. Crossword Puzzle
  6. Crossword Puzzle 2
  7. Escaping from the Castle
  8. Fortune Telling
  9. Front Page Nursery Rhymes
  10. Math Scavenger Hunt
  11. Scavenger Hunt
  12. Springtime Scavenger Hunt
  13. Summer Scavenger Hunt
  14. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Civics, History & Social Studies

  1. Civics Activities
  2. Arkansas' Territorial Period
  3. Biography Ideas
  4. Five-Minute Current Events
  5. Taxes
  6. Using the News for Social Studies
  7. Who Said it?

English & Journalism

  1. At the Movies
  2. Classified Bananas
  3. Classified Story
  4. Crossword Puzzle
  5. Crossword Puzzle 2
  6. Escaping from the Castle
  7. Fact or Opinion
  8. Front Page Nursery Rhymes
  9. Headline Poems
  10. Hire a Teacher
  11. Reading Strategy
  12. Secondary Language Arts Activities
  13. Social Issues
  14. Using Drama to Teach English
  15. Using the News for Language Arts
  16. What Do You See?
  17. Writing Ideas

General Newspaper Use

  1. General Newspaper Use
  2. History of NiE

Health & Safety

  1. Secondary Science Health & Safety Ideas


  1. Biography Ideas
  2. Math Activities
  3. Math Scavenger Hunt
  4. Secondary Mathematics Activities

Science & Geography

  1. Focus on a Country
  2. Geography Ideas
  3. More Science & Geography Ideas
  4. Science Facts in Fives
  5. Secondary Science, Health, & Safety Ideas

Resources by Grade Level


  1. Preschool Activity Ideas


  1. Additional Elementary Ideas
  2. Elementary Math Homework Ideas
  3. Elementary School Newspaper Activities
  4. Elementary Social Studies Homework Ideas
  5. Hints for Young Children
  6. K-3 Activities
  7. K-5 Science Ideas
  8. Kindergarten & First Grade
  9. Learning Your Letters
  10. Second & Third Grade
  11. Using the News for Elementary School

Middle School

  1. Middle School Newspaper Activities
  2. Middle School & Junior High English Homework Ideas
  3. Middle School & Junior High Math Homework Ideas
  4. More Middle School Ideas
  5. Middle School & Junior High Social Studies Homework Ideas

Junior High School

  1. Junior High Newspaper Activities
  2. Middle School & Junior High English Homework Ideas
  3. Middle School & Junior High Math Homework Ideas
  4. Middle School & Junior High Social Studies Homework Ideas
  5. Using the News for Junior High

High School

  1. Teen News Break: Iraq
  2. High School Newspaper Activities
  3. Using the News for High School